The various other day I was in a restaurant with some Latin Amerideserve to friends and one Brit. He was keen on finding out some, so we taught him several words and phrases. When it pertained to asking for the bill, we taught him the "usual" means you ask for it:

La cuenta, por favor.

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Here the question that arose: is tbelow any other means in which you can ask for the bill? And we struggled! We can not come up with any type of other expression, beyond some trivial expansions of the over, like:

Me trae la cuenta, por favor.

Looking at this question, I have the right to see various other words to describe the bill, which seem to be regional in Spain (none of my friends was I"ve never heard of them.

Besides these examples, are tbelow additionally means of asking for the bill in Maybe not likewise in regards to certain words provided for the bill (as the post above), however different ways altogether?

modismos expresiones
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In Argentina we periodically use

¿Me cobrás?

(including por favor is optional). That is literally, "Do you (please) charge me?" or much less literally "Will you (please now) take my payment?" or "Will you come here so I have the right to pay you?". It"s in the informal register via voseo. Without it it would certainly be ¿Me cobras?.

I have the indigenous feeling or intuition that this could sound rude in other locations, wbelow formality and also indirectness are more valued, and also even here in Argentina if the area is various other than a pub or a cheap café. I would certainly additionally favor to recognize if tright here are locations wbelow world ask, e. g. ¿Me cobraría (usted) (por favor)?".

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You have a number of various other options. For circumstances, you can adjust cuenta for nota, as declared in among the many kind of definitions of the word:

f. Cuenta del importe full de una compra o de una consumición.

Nonethemuch less the use of nota might sound a bit outdated at leastern in Spain (I do not know if it"s used somewbelow else).

If you want a completely different means of asking for the bill, you have the right to say:

¿Me dice qué/cuánto le debo?

Maybe a little even more informal is the complying with, as suggested by Brian H.:

¿ cuánto es?

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En Colombia la más usada es la que mencionas en tu pregunta;

La cuenta por favor

Pero también tenemos

¿Cuánto es?

¿Qué/Cuánto le pago?

¿Qué se debe? / ¿Qué le debo?

y cuando estas en el restaurante de confianza donde conoces a toperform el munexecute incluso decimos

¿Cuánto se perdió?
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