I have one more one! I put "to run an errand" via the translator on this site and also came up through three extremely different answers.

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para hacer un mandadopara correr un recadopara funcionar con una diligencia

I generally have a solid inclination towards a certain answer, but this one has me stumped. If I had actually to choose, it would certainly be the first one, yet the second one is cshed. I do not prefer the 3rd one at all, but that"s not what langauge is about, haha. I"d love to hear opinions or location consumption if anyone knows.


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I live in the Dominihave the right to Republic for 2 years and am married to a dominideserve to woguy. They use hacer una diligencia all the moment. The mexicans I work-related through use hacer un mandado. It just depends on the human being and also the area. - Hainero2001, MAR 18, 2013
Agree through Hainero2001 dominicans say diligencia however my Ecuadorean frifinish that knows no english claims mandado - Nymel2008, DIC 15, 2013

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Well my totality household is from the Dominican Republic and also we say hacer una diligencia for errand

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yes, sounds herbal. - annierats, DIC 15, 2013

I"ll add mine: "hacer un mandado/recado" is fine; the remainder are all weird (or too formal and outdated, prefer the third one) to me.

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Hacer un mandado or Ir por un mandado.

For me un recacarry out is a note or message, yet I"m sure it is neighborhood.

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For me also (Spain). - lazarus1907, OCT 10, 2010

I would go for "hacer recado" or perhaps "hacer mandado", but, wait for a aboriginal to chip in.

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In SPAIN tright here are two expressions for the expression," run an errand(s):"

Hacer la compra;

Ir de compra(s).

Officially, The Real Aacademia Española say mandado originates from mandar and also therefore means:

m. y f. Persona que ejecuta una comisión por encargo ajeno.m. Orden, precepto, mandamiento.m. Comisión que se da en paraje distinto de aquel en que ha de ser desempeñada.

However before, the RAE acknowledge that in some Latin Amerideserve to countries "mandado" means as follows:

m. Cuba, Méx. y Nic. Compra de lo necesario para la comida.

Hope this gets rid of points up.

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No, errands deserve to be thins favor going to the bank, or thepost-office, nothing to do with compras. - annierats, NOV 13, 2015
True. - ian-hill, NOV 13, 2015
For generic errands not regarded shopping, the expression in SPAIN is" "Hacer varios recados" - aebh, NOV 17, 2015

I checked Harper Collins, which provides many kind of examples of usage. Here is what I found:

First, for "errand"

N recado m, mandado m

(esp LAm) to run errands = hacer recados

errand of mercy tentativa f de salvamento

2nd, under "run" as a transitive verb:


1 (general) correr She ran 20km. = Corrió 20km.

• let things run their course (fig) = deja que las cosas sigan su curso

• to run errands = hacer recados

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For me as Spanish speaker..first. hacer un mandacarry out (to carry out something that someone ask you to do, periodically it involves the second option)second. dar un recaexecute (To tell somepoint to somebody)

For me the 1st is constantly the best!

the 3rd exceptionally formal, I"ve never before heard/offered that..

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The dictionaries at the website confirm your translations:From Velazquez:

errand sustantivo

1) Recado, mensaje, mandacarry out (brief mission).

To run an errand also for somebody -> hacerle un mandaperform o un recaperform a alguien

From Chambers Harrap:

1) recado (m) mandado (m)

Am) to run errands for somebody -> hacerle los recados or mandados a alguien

But the phrasebook reflects "tarea" for errand:

Don"t sfinish a boy on a mans errand also. No asignes a un muchacho la tarea de un hombre

a fool"s errand also. Tlocation de tontos

...also though "tarea" appears to me from its dictionary definition to pertain rather a task or work applied by others - not necessarily what one thinks of in English as an "errand".

Checking the RAE for "mandaperform, I found:

mandaexecute, da.

(Del component. de mandar).

1) m. y f. Persona que ejecuta una comisión por encargo ajeno.

2) m. Orden, precepto, mandamiento.

3) m. Comisión que se da en paraje distright into de aquel en que ha de ser desempeñada.

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All in all, I like "comisión" finest.

Hacer una comisión. (I doubt that a Spanish-speaking perkid would "run" a comisión