When I sheight Spanish with some of my friends and various other spanish speaking human being that I understand, I realized that tbelow are so many type of methods to say probably in Spanish.

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Quizás (Quizá)

Talvez (Tal vez)

Puede ser que

De pronto

A lo mejor

If you know of any even more ways to say it feel free to add. I just think that it"s funny exactly how many type of ways tright here are.

I was going to be rebrowsing this exceptionally question throughout the weekend! You have to have review my mind?? - territurtle, JUL 19, 2011

All these words/phrases can expect perhaps:

1 Quizá o Quizás

2 Tal vez

3 Puede ser

4 A lo mejor (update; Jeremiah indevelops me/us that it"s usage is not limited to Spain as I had actually formerly thought )

These words can expect something equivalent however not the same

1 Posiblemente = perhaps o es posible que = It"s feasible that....

I hope this helps

Doesn"t "de pronto" mean "suddenly"?

That"s what I believed, but after I heard it a couple of times, I asked a couple of native spanish speakers and also they all shelp it supposed probably. Maybe it suggests different things in different places, all 3 human being that I asked were columbian.

From the RAE dictionary:

de pronto.

loc. adv. Apresuradamente, sin reflexión.

loc. adv. de repente (? súbitamente, sin preparación).

3. loc. adv. Col. posiblemente. (Col. = Colombia)

You learn something brand-new everyday!


Here are some more that are cshed to "maybe"

Probablemente, posiblemente

Probably, possibly

Wow, Julian. That's a new one for me. Could you give me an example sentence? - MLucie, JUL 19, 2011

A note about a lo mejor:

1, It"s usage is not limited to Spain (view comment elsewhere). It is absolutely in wide use in Mexico and also, I think, pretty a lot wherever before Spanish is spoken.

2, It almost always (maybe constantly, however I am not sure), takes the indicative. In various other words, it expresses "maybe" in a rather postive light. No subjunctive right here.

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Glad to have actually helped! :) I'm sure there are others too, it's an excellent question. - Vikingo, JUL 20, 2011
That's what I believed, but after I heard it a pair of times, I asked a couple of indigenous spanish speakers and also they all sassist it intended perhaps. - eltennis97, JUL 19, 2011
Maybe it indicates various points in various locations, all three human being who I asked were columbian. - eltennis97, JUL 19, 2011
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