1 : a bushy perennial mint (Origanum vulgare) through leaves that are provided as a seasoning and a source of fragrant oil

— dubbed likewise origanum, wild marjoram

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2 : any kind of of several plants (genera Lippia and also Coleus) other than oregano of the vervain or mint family members
Recent Instances on the Web Sprinkle with extra salt and also pepper and also the oregano. — BostonGlobe.com, 8 June 2021 Tright here are zinnias, daylilies, cdental bells, hostas, different kinds of sedum, spotted dead nettle (lamium), vinca, thyme, sage and also oregano. — Joanne Kempinger Demski, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9 July 2021 Such a structured wine, via a fantastic balance of fresh oregano and sage alongside blended currants and pencil shavings, cigar tobacco, and also cedar. — Brian Freedmale, Forbes, 3 June 2021 The plant is referred to as Origanum syriacum—or, Syrian oregano—which Z&Z describes as wild thyme. — Brittany type of Arnett, Bon Appétit, 25 May 2021 Garnish with fresh oregano leaf, pink peppercorn and coarse salt rim. — Jillian Dara, Forbes, 31 May 2021 From two various vineyards on Atlas Peak, this is an appealingly herbaceous expression, via tomato vine, leather, cigar tobacco notes to the thyme and oregano that spice up currants and also cedar alongside lots of red cherries. — Brian Freedman, Forbes, 17 May 2021 Yes, the beefless beef was definitely as well salty, through a touch also much oregano. — Louisa Chu, chicagotribune.com, 26 Apr. 2021 Add poblano pepper, 1 to 2 cloves crumelted garlic and ½ teaspoon oregano; prepare and stir till chorizo browns, 5 more minutes. — Tribune News Service, cleveland, 29 Apr. 2021

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History and also Etymology for oregano

Amerihave the right to Spanish orégano, from Spanish, wild marjoram, from Latin origanum — even more at origanum