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Depending on what component of tvery own you are from or what language your TV is talking to you in, you’ve heard the name ‘Los Pitufos’. Confused? Well think of one of the many famous brands in kid’s entertainment and also think of 500 million chotchkies sold people wide with the Pitufos picture that contains blue bottled water. Yes it’s none various other than The Smurfs whose long awaited movie opens this particular day.

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Thanks to the youngsters in mi familia and their screeches around Pitufos did I realize the Smurfs I thrived up via and their Pitufos were one in the same. How did we come to praise these mushroom dwelling blue cuties via two different monikers and wright here the hell did that translation come from?

After some digging I uncovered the culprit. Spanish magazine editor, Alfons Moline, that some thirty years earlier couldn’t analyze the word smurf right into Spanish (why he didn’t leave well sufficient alone I’ll never know) named the personalities after a famed folktale hero recognized as ‘Patufet’. Now, all of Spain, Mexico and also Latin Amerihave the right to offers the term Los Pitufos, pronounced ‘pee-two-foes’ when talking about The Smurfs. That still doesn’t describe just how mi familia and also many kind of other UNITED STATE Hispanics are pitufo crazy but smurf ignorant.

The answer tright here, didn’t take a lot digging it was corporate America trying to offer more crap to Latinos without giving it a lot assumed. Someone in the heralding department must of read the dated study that all Hispanics favor to be marketed every little thing and anything in Spanish also their American pop society. Isn’t that a condumrum or “adivinanza” – check out somepoints are simply much better left untranslated. Thus a lot of Smurf proclaiming in Spanish-language media and also in ads where there are high concentration of Latinos just use the Pitufo name. Bad principle I say.

First, it’s mostly appreciated if a translation for marketing purposes is at leastern in the very same English sounding community you understand choose Nueva York or Los Doyers (which incidently the team trademarked). Don’t sell me Alvin y Las Ardillas as soon as everyone else is talking about Alvin & the Chipmunks. And don’t promote Harry Potter y Los Reliquias de la Muerte which doesn’t sound as British and also regal as Harry Potter and also The Deathly Hollows.

When I was growing up no one acknowledged the Latino customer base or believed it important to create sepaprice and also not necessarily equal marketing projects – so I shouldn’t comordinary as well much about the progress made. However before, pop and cultural symbols like the Smurfs, Micvital Mousage (El Raton de Disney) and also Corona (Crown beer for those of you south of the Mason-Dixon line that refusage to utter a Spanish sound) are much better left represented in the language they have advanced from.

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The movie was certainly Hispanicized enough if that is what marketers were worried around. The movie has George Lopez’ East L.A. barrio accent and Sofia Vergara’s Colombian nasal lilt – all part of the Smurf’s village. By the means, isn’t Vergara a prime instance that the bigger your bust size the much better your accent sounds? And please familia don’t confusage me by referring to George’s character as the Pitufo Gruñon once it’s really Grouchy Smurf.

Enjoy the movie and if anyone asks what did you think of ‘Los Pitufos’ simply retort “Do you intend Los Smurfs?” or “I don’t hablo Spanish just Spanglish.”