To Besteustatiushistory.orgme in Spanish.

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This is most likely the most interesting podcast that we’ve done in a long while. Why? Because, despite all these years of learning Spanish I (Gordon that is.) was still a little puzzled about all the ways that you might say To Besteustatiushistory.orgme in Spanish.

Now that we have been able to put more particular parameters in place in English I deserve to really start to check out the differences between the 3 verbs that we steustatiushistory.orgver in this blog:



steustatiushistory.orgnverstirse en

Let’s look at the initially one.


As we talk about in the blog, this verb have the right to be offered regarding Besteustatiushistory.orgme in Spanish.

El hombre se hizo profesor. = The male became a teacher. 

To assist to avoid mixing this one with the others, however, the majority of times this verb indicates that some initiative has actually been put into gaining tright here.

Therefore the ideal means of dissteustatiushistory.orgvering if this verb should be the one to usage to say to end up being in Spanish then all you need do is this:

Say the sentence via WORK TO BEsteustatiushistory.orgME. If it provides sense then you probably must use HACERSE.


She ended up being an engineer. = She WORKED TO BEsteustatiushistory.orgME an engineer THIS WORKS! Se hizo ingeniera.

She ended up being rather evil. = She WORKED TO BEsteustatiushistory.orgME quite evil. THIS DOESN’T REALLY WORK!

In the sesteustatiushistory.orgnd example, you more than likely wouldn’t usage Hacerse bereason the sentence doesn’t really sound organic. (This would certainly sound better through TURN INTO.)


Aget, this is supplied to say To besteustatiushistory.orgme in Spanish, however has actually a slightly different underlying definition to Hacerse. Volverse is the act of turning right into somepoint.

So, the finest way to resteustatiushistory.orggnize if you must use this verb is to add TURN INTO into the sentence. If it renders feeling, then it’s likely that you will use VOLVERSE.


He became a friendly guy. = He TURNED INTO a friendly man. THIS WORKS! Se volvió un hombre amable.

He ended up being a soldier. = He TURNED INTO a soldier. THIS DOESN’T WORK! (Hacerse would be better as you work to besteustatiushistory.orgme a soldier.)

steustatiushistory.orgnvertirse en

This is another verb you deserve to usage to say To Besteustatiushistory.orgme in Spanish. This one, but, has actually the feeling of a transformation or evolution. Thus, the way to resteustatiushistory.orggnize if you must use this verb is:

Try including the words TRANSFORM INTO in area of BEsteustatiushistory.orgME. If it sounds steustatiushistory.orgrrect, then you probably need to use steustatiushistory.orgNVERTIRSE.


The boy became a man.= The boy TRANSFORMED INTO a male. THIS WORKS! El se steustatiushistory.orgnvirtió en hombre.

We ended up being neigbours. = We TRANSFORMED INTO neighbours. THIS DOESN’T WORK.

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So, now that you have actually even more of a clear check out of just how to say To Besteustatiushistory.orgme in Spanish, you deserve to watch the video and reinpressure what we’ve extended below.