Okay, I’m sad to admit that I’m a aboriginal Spanish speaker that moved to The United States and Canada once I was a kid, so I don’t really recognize many kind of expressions aside from those I use as soon as talking to my household. And as I don’t ever talk about points that are romantic/sex-related turn offs via my family members, I’m lost on this one. But now I need it.

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I tried googling it but all it provides is the literal translation of turning somepoint off (“apagar”) however I never before experienced any examples using that word as an expression concerning somepoint sexually fending off, which is what I must understand.

So, would certainly one literally usage the verb “apagar” or is there some various other slang/expression to refer to this feeling? Thanks guys!


I tried googling it but all it offers is the literal translation of turning somepoint off

You most likely sought "turn off", which is indeed the verb apagar. You must look for "turnoff", the noun form.

WordReferece gives us desencanto, chasco, palo (Spain).

I guess the identical will be even more idiomatic than a 1:1 word. I would usage quita las ganas, for example:

Si tiene puestos calcetines de Bob Esponja de verdad me quita las ganas.

Quita las ganas que haga gestos de gatito.

Oh my god, you’re right, I did literally form “rotate off” rather of “turnoff”. Whoops lol. That being sassist though, desencanto sounds more like turn off strictly in the romantic sense as opposed to also sexual. I’m not certain though. Thank you.

This relies incredibly much on dialect and social context. In Argentina world say ”X me la baja” which literally suggests "X lowers/provides it go down it for me". I provided to think this was fairly graphic, however from other cues you obtain the principle that "it" deserve to be generically "the mood" and not necessarily a certain component of the male anatomy.

(The reality that womales additionally say “me la baja” doesn't imply this doesn't refer to a male body part. Womales in Argentina likewise say “me rompe las pelotas” also though most of them don't have pelotas.)

I think this is just one of those points that is extremely regional, yet in the part of México I am from we say "matapasión" (passion killer), which is a rare case of a compound noun in Spanish (the just other one I deserve to think of is sacapuntas)


"Cuancarry out un hombre se pone a fumar es una matapasión para mi"

"Mi nothrough se enfermó y vomitó el otro día, fue una matapasión"

Yeah, extremely much local. It deserve to even obtain uncomfortable when you hear some things from a partner that provides different local expressions.

You can say stuff prefer "me apaga la llama", "me mata las pasiones", "no me pone"... Etc.

Or you could simply say: "Eso no me gusta" it will work-related 100% of the times.

This is a good question and I will take note of the answers.

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Thinking about what I would certainly say, as someone that is not acquainted through a details expression, what involved my mind was "me da flojera" which is what I tend to say when somepoint "takes the wind out of my sails". It likewise reminds me of the old Octavio Mesa lyric from El Zapatero:

Ella conmigo no pudo porque ya aflojé la cuerdaDe mañana en adelante me voy pa' la puta mierda


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