They say that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." (各花入各眼 gok3 faa1 jap6 gok3 ngaan5). There are different means to say beautiful in Cantonese (美麗 mei5 lai6). But prior to we learn around those words, let us initially specify what is beauty? As identified in the dictionary, beauty is a mix of attributes that pleases the aesthetic senses, specifically sight. But this day, through stereoforms and discrimination, beauty is a vulnerable topic.

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The definition of beauty has been repeatedly evolving. Nowadays, many kind of people think that beauty starts the minute you decide to be yourself. Someone that has the courage to display their true identification despite fregulations and imperfections. Appreciating one"s beauty, no issue just how easy, is a good value that we have to have actually.

Hong Kong: A Beautiful Place Filled With Beautiful People

Beautiful In Cantonese

Hong Kong is a Chinese country through its own beautiful culture that is well-kept by the Hong Kongers. Although some may think that Chinese nations are way as well equivalent to one an additional, Hong Kong has actually its beautiful gems and treasure that it have the right to really contact its own.

One of these gems is, of course, their civilization. Local Hong Kongers are extremely specific in maintaining their culture. They may share some standard core worths from Mainland Chinese, but their pride in their heritage renders them one of a type. Understanding their society, ideals, and also custom-mades will make you loss in love not just via the nation but via the civilization.

Anvarious other gem is their language which is Cantonese. Although Mainland Chinese substantially influence Hong Kongers, they usage different Chinese languperiods. Hong Kongers usage Cantonese while Mainland Chinese useMandarin. Here are some words from the Cantonese language that is pertained to beauty that is basic to learn:

1. 美麗 (mei5 lai6)

English Translation: Beautiful

This is the common and also easiest Cantonese word to say beautiful in Cantonese. 美麗 (mei5 lai6) have the right to be provided in almost any type of case, both formal and informal.

2. 靚 (leng3)

English Translation: Pretty

Another means to say beautiful in Cantonese is 靚 (leng 3). Beautiful indicates attractive and also possessingbeauty, while pretty means pleasant in senses. If you wonder when to use pretty or beautiful, tright here are many kind of arguments and also rules relying on your topic. But for currently, this is a great beginning allude.

3. 有魅力 (jau5 mei6 lik6)

English Translation: Charming; Attractive

If you are brand-new in the country and also fulfill a good-looking perboy, 有魅力 (jau5 mei6 lik6) have the right to likewise be provided to describe them. This has actually even more cutesy vibes than the initially two.

4. 搶眼 (coeng2 ngaan5)

English Translation: Eye-catching

Some things will certainly absolutely capture your eyes the first time you observed them. This is the best word to define that remarkable thing you view.

5. 璀璨 (ceoi1 caan3)

English Translation: Dazzling

Have you ever been to a formal party wbelow ladies wear elegant and shiny dresses while gentlemales wear suits and also ties? This is probably one of the perfect examples to use this word.

6. 靚女 (leng3 neoi5) And 靚仔 (leng3 zai2)

English Translation:beautiful girl and handsome boy

If you want to explain a girl or a boy specifically, you can usage these words. If you know exactly how to describe the beauty of a womale, you have to also recognize how to describe the beauty of a guy.

Now that you have learned the different means to say beautiful in Cantonese, the next point you must execute is to exercise the pronunciation. Please make sure to say these words effectively bereason the pronunciation of the characters is vital in the Chinese language.

Different Ways To Use Beautiful In Cantonese


After finding out the correct the different words to say beautiful in Cantonese, let us now learn how to usage it in a sentence. Even if you are not a indigenous Cantonese speaker, you will sucount learn this easily in a brief period of time. Here are some Cantonese phrases that have the human being beautiful. Learn and exercise it; you might not recognize once you deserve to usage these.

Cantonese Pinyin English Translation
你好靚。 nei5 hou2 leng3. You"re beautiful
你嘅笑容好靚。 nei5 ge3 siu3 jung4 hou2 leng3. Your smile is beautiful.
你嘅內在美仲靚過你嘅外在美。 nei5 ge3 noi6 zoi6 mei5 zung6 leng3 gwo3 nei5 ge3 ngoi6 zoi6 mei5. Your inside is also more beautiful than your exterior.
好靚呀! hou2 leng3 aa3! It"s really beautiful!
呢個係一個美麗嘅國家。 ni1 go3 hai6 jat1 go3 mei5 lai6 ge3 gwok3 gaa This is a beautiful nation.
呢個語言好好聽! ni1 go3 jyu5 jin4 hou2 hou2 teng1! It"s a beautiful language!

Take note, if you occur to enrespond to the phrase 你真漂亮!(ni zhen piao liang!),execute not be confused bereason it is theMandarintranslation for"You"re really beautiful!".Similar to what is declared above,Mandarinand also Cantonese are both Chinese, yet they have actually distinctions. If you desire to recognize more about thedistinction in between Mandarin in Cantonese, there"s a sepaprice blog for you.

As with what David Hume shelp, "Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them." We all understand that physical beauty will certainly fade, but inner beauty will certainly last forever. Learning the different words to say beautiful in Cantonese is simply a basic gesture to display your appreciation in the Cantonese language. Having the initiative to learn this is proof that you have viewed somepoint beautiful in this language. This might be a sign that you are all set for your next action - learn even more Cantonese words and phrases.

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