It was anyone’s guess whether Xur would certainly display up this day and also be marketing Destiny players Three of Coins once aget. The item has actually been a part of his stock for ages currently, but in current weeks, some sort of inventory bug was avoiding him from selling the exotic-searching consumable. Today, they’re earlier, however at the price of Glass Needles, the re-rolling item that has now reportedly been sacrificed in order for the Three of Coins to rerotate.

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Personally, I wish they never came earlier, and also that Bungie would simply revamp the exotic drop device in Destiny.

No, I do not think that the “old way” wbelow exotics were ridiculously rare was the golden age of the game. Players who weren’t playing ultra-endgame tasks would certainly practically never see an exotic, brief of saving up for one and hoping Xur marketed something pertinent eincredibly week. Yes, this produced fun moments like “Gjallarhorn Day” wright here Xur lastly offered the insanely overpowered rocket launcher, however somepoint did have to be done.

Something was done in the form of Three of Coins, a consumable that gives players a chance to drop an exotic on their following boss kill, Crucible enhance, or also Sparrowhead race, if that occasion is live. It’s a means for even more or less anyone to hunt exotics, no matter what tasks they’re doing, but aget, it’s a commonly clunky resolve from Bungie, one that would be better offered through a much more conventional solution.

I think the game have the right to have it both ways by sindicate making use of normal drops and also logical drop prices.

Three of Coins is a pretty unintuitive mechanism. It’s easy to forobtain to usage, meaning you’ll complete a Strike or Crucible enhance and also foracquire to put one on, meaning you lost any kind of possibility at all for an exotic drop. And periodically it won’t trigger on particular bosses which remains one of the game’s oldest bugs. There’s a weird stacking mechanic that’s totally unintuitive for many players, and not correctly explained in the game. It’s cumbersome and also unimportant and the game doesn’t require it, other than as a Stvariety Coins sink.

Why not just offer every boss a opportunity to drop an exotic without Three of Coins? Or the opportunity for one to appear at the end of eextremely Crucible match? A little possibility, perhaps, perhaps a tiny much less than what Three of Coins offers now, but the chance would certainly rise via greater light level PvE tasks, or PvP occasions favor Trials/Iron Banner. Your average Strike might give you an exotic much less frequently than the Nightautumn or a raid boss, for instance, however the opportunity would still be there, and you wouldn’t need to buy or activate anything. And hell, perhaps when in a blue moon, even normal adversaries drop an exotic engram as a nice surpclimb. Would that really be so bad?

One of Destiny’s difficulties is that tright here are simply also many kind of gameplay units in location, and also Three of Coins is yet an additional one that was produced to resolve a trouble when there can have actually been a much easier, item-totally free solution. It’s weird to also think of a comparable system being supplied in a game prefer The Division and Diablo, wright here items drop from bosses all the moment, no weird item or activation system forced. Maybe boost Stselection Coin prices on Xur items, or decrease their drop price, however there’s no require for this convoluted mechanism to proceed to exist simply so people have somepoint else to buy. It’s not like it also feeds right into Destiny’s microtransaction mechanism in any kind of way, so what’s the point?

Going forward, I think Destiny demands some overall streamlining of its gameplay units, which are beginning to gain shed in themselves. My inventory’s a mess, my vault is a mess, I don’t also recognize what to spend one of my 5 distinction currencies on fifty percent the moment. Every time I leave the game and come ago it all hits me choose a wall and also I don’t also want to bvarious other sorting it out. Maybe the solution for this is making a far better inventory management system, however I likewise think that the game simply needs less items and devices overall, and also Three of Coins seems like something that can easily be on the chopping block.

I am proceeding to make the instance for the idea that Destiny 2 deserve to and have to be a clean slate for players, so possibly this doesn’t really matter all that much in these following DLC-free months, but it’s been bothering me for a while, and this current Xur thing has actually lugged it to the forefront of my mind again.

But for now, if you desire exotics, this is the means to carry out it, so go hit up Xur for some of those sweet Coins this particular day.

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