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Hi, I want to recognize how long a cobalt should last. It"s a hard question, but probably you can answer it for me. I currently have actually 159,000 miles on my vehicle. I haven"t had actually any real concerns entailing the engine or the transmission. My auto gets consistent oil changes, tune ups and also various other necessities done to the auto. The only point I have really reput is the reduced manage arms to the suspension. I carry out drive this car a lot and also drive lengthy ranges typically which adds on miles. Please tell me what you think of my situation. Thanks

It will last as lengthy as you"re willing to do the upstore. The answer you"re looking for is not feasible to actually gain. Eincredibly car is different

I have a customer via an automatic 2005 cobalt and also his has 203k miles on it. Engine sounds like the day it was made and drives nice still. I have the right to say these should go for 250-300k miles if you keep up on things. The body might be one more story, depending on where you live will certainly have actually a lot to carry out through that. A frifinish has a 2004 sunfire with a 2.2 ecotec and he has actually 500k kilometers on it, the body is stormy however the motor is still going
2009 Ford Escape Limited - 3.0L, 6 speed auto, 4x4, 25/33 city/hwy imp mpg.2017 F150 XLT-XTR - 5.0L, 4x4, 3.55"s, E-locker, xtr chrome package, fx4 off-road package.20/25 imp mpg
Cool, thats excellent news well I live in chicback. Is there any kind of specific point I have to execute with the body to keep versus corrosion and other problems?


My hand-operated says to wash the undercarriage aswell to remove corrosion. I"ll make the presumption undercoating helps cars down southern also so probably think about getting your vehicle undercoated.
2009 Ford Escape Limited
- 3.0L, 6 speed auto, 4x4, 25/33 city/hwy imp mpg.2017 F150 XLT-XTR - 5.0L, 4x4, 3.55"s, E-locker, xtr chrome package, fx4 off-road package.20/25 imp mpg
ok that sounds great i"m reasoning of cleaning it this week that should be bad. By the method is it hard on the engine that you drive a lot of miles? or does it have no bearing on that?

Depends, are you in dirt and dust or is it all soptimal and also go? Is it mostly highway driving? How execute you drive the automobile, are you beating it anywhere you go or taking it basic and also driving like a normal person? Mileage is going to put wear and also tear on the motor anyway but if its all freemethod driving you might pile on a severe amount of miles prior to you had any severe motor concerns.Longer drives are better than brief ones because the motor gets a possibility to warm up and you eliminate condensation in the oil
2009 Ford Escape Limited
- 3.0L, 6 rate auto, 4x4, 25/33 city/hwy imp mpg.2017 F150 XLT-XTR - 5.0L, 4x4, 3.55"s, E-locker, xtr chrome package, fx4 off-road package.20/25 imp mpg
Im accelerating sometimes on the highmeans yet not too much. Been less complicated on the vehicle ever before considering that its been getting older. I think im good so far i just want to acquire 300,000 out of it.
Keep doing the oil changes religously and watching levels and you will make it no difficulty if those are Kilometers of course.

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My 2006 Cobalt was good to me from Sept 2006 till Feb 2011.That was with consistent oil alters, one coolant flush, via thermostat replacement (was not necessary, however did it anyway). 2 Wheel bearing replacements, and some shocks.In the late time of 2011 I necessary a new engine according to some mechanic I no much longer trust, according to an additional knowledgeable mechanic, I most likely just necessary a brand-new timing chain or timing chain guides, anymethod, he adjusted out my engine through a 2004 Sarotate engine, which felt ok, however after a I included some marvel with the oil I carried that engine to par, even still, this moron mechanic, lost a flywheel bolt, then sindicate replaced it via some other bolt, which resulted in a crack in my transmission, so I had to rearea that as well, after doing that, I began having actually changing issues, the vehicle wouldnt relocate, weird stuff.. Now even with that said, I"m not a hater, yes, my cobalt did that to me, yet I recognize given that that mechanic touched it, it was never the exact same, I"m sure if I had gone to the appropriate mechanic about my clicking sound problem in the first area, I would probably still have actually it.The cobalt engine is pretty one-of-a-kind, most things favor cooling and power steering are never an worry considering that just a couple of select items are run by the serpentine belt, pretty much only the AC, Alternator are run by this, the water pump is run inside, the power steering is electrical, so all in all this engine is an excellent architecture.Your engine will certainly last lengthy as lengthy as you look after it. Take treatment of it.
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