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I painted the front cap on my RV over the weekend (Sunday). Today I tested in a little inconspicuous location to see how hard the paint is (it"s a base coat/clear coat system). I had the ability to make a little scratch mark via my thumbnail. Is that normal?I know the paint is still "soft" for a small while after spraying - which is why the pros say it is the best time to color sand and buff. But as this is my first paint project I "m not certain what to suppose. My concern is that I was painting outdoors and also the temps were in the high 90s via humidity in the high 90s. I understand that I"m paint external of the normal paint conditions for a booth.
Way to soon for a test.....while heat/humidity carry out impact curing the entirety suggest behind 2k commodities is they are chemically hardened materials. Let the chemistry execute it"s work-related.....examine again in a week to 10 days and also I am certain it will certainly be a lot harder......
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Next off time your are doing base/clear you"ll probably have a small little bit of clear left over that was "blended." I generally dump that out in among my offered mixing cups, put a date on the exterior and simply collection it up on the shelf. The clear will develop a "puck" fundamentally informing me about the condition of the currently curing/hardening coating on the automobile. Probably not the most accurate method of telling what is going on yet if it were say mixed wrong or worse your hardener had gone bad that puck would not form and also harden properly.....
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