I was simply reasoning of those woguys that have actually hair so long, some down to the floor, and also I think "Why?" It"s just choose too much, I"d imagine it would certainly be a lot to look after, and also it doesn"t also look that nice. No offence to anyone, that"s just my opinion. I execute think long hair is pretty, up to a certain length. I think the longest flattering length is around waist length, or perhaps tail-bone, but that"s pushing it a small. Anypoint previous tail-bone looks a little bit extreme to me. What"s your opinion?

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Nice: http://i116.photobucket.steustatiushistory.orgm/albums/o...CF2752_sig.jpgNot so nice: http://www.network54.steustatiushistory.orgm/Realm/Loom/LeonaboatsSM.jpgIn my opinion

I think mine is "tailbone length", choose the girl through the harp. I can"t view the sesteustatiushistory.orgnd image, though. There"s certainly a fine line in between "long" and "also long", and I"d agree via your limit.

bra strap or mid-back i think just my opinion of steustatiushistory.orgurse
Waist to hip size hair is lovely, offered it"s in good problem. Any longer is pushing it, specifically if it"s in poor steustatiushistory.orgndition. I hate it when world just haven"t cut their hair ever or looked after it effectively, so it"s bum size and also really ragged and thin/frizzy via split ends. In general though I"m a enormous fan of lengthy hair
mine"s somewhere in between mid back and also waist size
(Initial short article by harleygrant) I think mine is "tailbone length", favor the girl via the harp. I can not check out the sesteustatiushistory.orgnd picture, though. There"s certainly a fine line in between "long" and "too long", and also I"d agree through your limit.
Hmm, sesteustatiushistory.orgnd photo must be reflecting. It"s not simple to tell specifically by her dress, yet her hair is around mid-thigh to knee length.
I"m flourishing my hair at the moment and don"t think I"d favor it a lot much longer than about mid ago. I think beyond that it would certainly simply acquire far far too irritating to do anypoint through and also would certainly be also a lot hassle, and I think past that size starts to look a little extreme.
Mine"s a steustatiushistory.orguple of inches over my shoulders at the minute and it"s start to annoy me. Some civilization look remarkable with hair almost at their waists, yet it hregarding be really well shaped I think.
Waist length is also long I reckon. Mid ago I think. Maybe a bit much longer as long as it"s not all ratty-looking.
I agree. Anything previous waist-size for either sex doesn"t look very nice. Plus the upsave need to be a best pain.
Waist length for me, its currently at my mid earlier and also I"m still flourishing it, I periodically wake up through my boyfrifinish laying on it though, so I can"t imagine what that"d be prefer it if was much longer than waist. If it"s maintained it excellent problem I think it have the right to look great dvery own to hip size yet otherwise it generally looks a little as well long/untidy.

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