What is Bizzy Bone net worth? Bizzy Bone is a well known Amerideserve to rapper and the youngest member of the harmony’ team. As of 2021, his net worth is $11 Mil.

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Bizzy Bone is a renowned Amerihave the right to rapper and also the youngest member of the ‘bone thugs-n- harmony’ group. Bryon Anthoney McCane II is his original name. Bizzy Bone is 44 years old, and also he is 1.8 m in height and also 75kg in weight. As of 2021, Bizzy Bone's net worth is approximated at $11 million.

Bizzy bone Early life

Bizzy Bone is born on 12th September 1976 in Columbus, Ohio. He lived through his stepfather at the age of 4 together with his 2 sisters. He was compelled to stay via his stepfather because his mommy and grandmother were dead. He was kidnapped and also shifted to an additional area such as an apartment, hotel, or other dwellings. He was sexually abused and also tortured. He has actually a destructive problem. After this, he moved to a kaw Indian reservation, Oklahoma, in the year 1983.

In 2002, he showed up in ‘America’s a lot of wanted,’ a fox series held by John Walsh. He revealed his abusive childhood story in the song A.M.V. Great many thanks to Walsh, that sustained him to come forwards in a poor case.

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Net worth$11 millionProfessionRapper, Singer, Actor, Film Score ComposerBirthday12th September 1976Age44 yearsHeight1.8 mKids8NationalityAmericanZodiac signAstrology

Bizzy bone Career

Bizzy Bone started his career when he was 22 years old. He was recognized for his freestyle rap through high pitch sound. Hid debut- HEAVEN’S MOVIE obtained certified as platinum by RIAA. His album- THE GIFT, was released in 2001 and also hit 2nd in the US Billboard independent chart. Albums that he release are greatly related to personal life as well as childhood experience.

In 2004, he released an album-ALPHA AND OMEGA, which become his a lot of renowned hit. In the first month of release, this album obtained a million views. Also, his fans supported him and waited for other albums. Anvarious other album, BEGINNING AND THE END is likewise a renowned album by this artist.

Bizzy bone Personal life

Bizzy, in his life time, made many kind of relationships, although details of his girlfriends are not easily accessible. He is known to have 10 youngsters via various mothers. Also, tright here are rumours that Bizzy is drug-addicted and abused Ranna Royce, who was his ex-girlfrifinish.

Bizzy bone Discography

Bizzy made assorted hits in the time of his lifetime. His famous style is double harmony chorprovides and rapid-fire raps along with high pitch and soft-spoken delivery. Several of his well-known studio albums are- THE GIFT, THE MIDWEST COWBOY, THE CROSSROADS, ETC.

Bizzy bone Girlfriend

Bizzy Bone is presently single, and however, he dated miscellaneous women in his previous life. He had actually a relationship for 5 years with Ranna Royce, but they broke up in 2016.

Bizzy bone Kids

Bizzy Bone has actually eight children. He has actually 2 sons and also 6 daughters, and also the name of Kids are Tray McCane, Bryan McCane, Breeana McCane, Shanika McCane, Shelby McCane, Aaliyah McCane, Destiny McCane, Sarina McCane.

Bizzy bone Siblings

Bizzy bone has four siblings one brother and 3 sisters. The name of siblings is Adrien Parlette, Hope McCane, Heather McCane, Cassy McCane.

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Bizzy bone House and also residence

Bizzy bone was raised in Columbus, Oklahoma. However before, he is currently residing in Palau, a paradise island also nation in the western pacific.