See just how much money was spent on creating your favorite Major League Ballpark. 


1. Yankee Stadium - $1.5 (B)

2. Citi Field - $900 (M)

3. Nationals Park - $611 (M)

4. Rogers Centre - $570 (M)

5. Marlins Park - $550 (M)

6. Taracquire Field - $545 (M)

7. Safeco Field - $518 (M)

8. Citizens Bank Park - $458 (M)

9. Petco Park -$450 (M)

10. Miller Park - $400 (M)

11. Busch Stadium - $365 (M)

12. AT&T Park - $357 (M)

13. Chase Field - $354 (M) 

14. Coors Field - $300 (M)

15. Comerica Park - $300 (M)

16. Great American Ball Park - $290 (M)

17. Minute Massist Park - $250 (M)

18. PNC Park - $216 (M)

19. Turner Field - $209 (M)

20. Globe Life Park in Arlington - $191 (M)

21. Progressive Field - $175 (M)

22. Guaranteed Rate Field - $167 (M)

23. Tropicana Field - $130 (M)

24. Oriole Park at Camden Yards - $110 (M)

25. Kauffman Stadium - $70 (M)

26. Oakland also Coliseum - $25.5 (M)

27. Angel Stadium of Anaheim - $24 (M)

28. Dodger Stadium - $23 (M)

29. Fenway Park - $650 (K)

30. Wrigley Field - $250 (K)



Of the 30 MLB ballparks, the two earliest ballparks boast the lowest building and construction costs; Wrigley Field and also Fenway Park. Both ironically opened throughout the 1912 basesphere season. It"s no trick that these two ballparks are maybe the a lot of renowned in the league because of their history, distinctive dimensions and also surrounding communities. If Wrigley Field were created with 2012 dollars, it would certainly expense a sum of $5.8 million dollars to erect. If Fenmeans Park were built via 2012 dollars, it would certainly cost simply over $15 million dollars to develop.

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Angel Stadium in Anaheim was created via just $24 million dollars yet also had more than $100 million dollars in renovations conducted during the 1990"s. Tbelow are 12 MLB ballparks that operate without corporate naming legal rights which is going against the in its entirety trfinish of stadiums and arenas all over the country.

The two a lot of expensive Major League ballparks to erect are both situated in New York City and also rightly so. Yankee Stadium is the only MLB ballpark to boast a construction bill of $1 billion dollars. I think it is even more than ironic that both Citi Field and Yankee Stadium both opened up in the time of the 2009 season as both franchises complete for fans in the massive New York sporting activities sector. You know what they say around keeping up via the Jones".

If you notice, the optimal 10 many expensive ballparks are house to teams that have had bit success on the field.

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It"s apparent that Major Organization Basesphere owners feel that a brand-new ballpark will likely provide fans an incentive to attfinish games on a continual basis. As we all know, nopoint fills the stadium rather choose a winning team.