Whether you desire to cover up some gray or acquire a whole brand-new look going, dying your hair is the means to perform it. The perfect color can readjust every little thing. Of course, one of the first inquiries someone asks when they are considering some color transforms is “just how a lot does it expense to dye your hair at a salon?”.

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The answer is not quite that reduced and dry (no pun intended). There are quite a few variables you are managing when you are considering experienced hair coloring. Understanding the variables will certainly assist you to understand also what you are paying for and exactly how a lot it have to expense.

What Exactly Are You Paying For?

Boxed hair dye that you buy over the respond to is cheap, and also the results frequently look cheap. The cheapest of the cheap OTC dyes will run you around $10 bucks, the next level OTC dye kits can ring up the register at about $30. Of course if your hair is much longer, sturdy or your going from dark to light, you are talking product cost of all over from $40-$60. Doll, you can acquire, beautiful healthy and balanced color processing at Bombshell starting at around $100 bucks for an everywhere the head color. Let’s be honest that equals a meal out at a nice place and also perhaps a couple of hours at the club. 

Your hair is one of the first things that people notification around you. Over the respond to hair dye remedies are not a solution as soon as you desire to make that, ideal first impression. OTC coloring deserve to really carry out some damage and leave your hair looking and feeling a mess! Not to mention the time investment on your component to carry out it yourself. All of this over the respond to and DIY talk is a recipe for disaster for your hair and also is not as “cheap” as you think it will certainly be.

The adage “you pay for what you get” holds very true once it pertains to just how a lot does it cost to dye your hair. The number one point you are paying for is expertise. Shortchanging yourself by searching for barget basement prices on coloring will certainly not provide you the results that you hope for.

Hair dyeing is an art. This art is not somepoint that is simple to perfect. Hair coloring and dyeing requires both formal training and also years of suffer to truly be able to supply results that exceed expectations. A professional colorist is a visionary. They understand what it takes to supply unmatched outcomes that enhance your as a whole look. The right colorist will:

Understand your kind of hair and how it will absorb colorUse high-quality products and also hair dyes that not just color the hair however protect it from damageOffer a range of coloring options that are on trendTake the time to understand also your vision for your hair

An proficient stylist can carry out a consultation and also comment on your coloring choices based on the health of your hair and also the look you are trying to attain. They will certainly take the time to ensure that they completely understand also the look you want to achieve.


High Quality, Professional Level Hair Coloring Products

If you pick the right salon for your hair coloring demands, expert level, high quality assets will be offered to color your hair. Professional level products are designed to be used by knowledgeable professionals. In other words, unless you are a trained colorist execute not attempt to use them.

These high-quality hair commodities are formulated to offer exceptional outcomes that likewise defend your hair from damage. Professional level commodities give your hair a beautiful, healthy, vivid look that you just cannot gain via at-house hair coloring kits.

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The Hair Coloring Process Plays a Role in the Cost

Tright here are various means to accomplish the look you desire. The kind of coloring process will play a role in exactly how a lot you pay for the process. Highlights, low lights, Balayage, entirety head coloring, double process, partial process, fantasy colors and more are all different methods to gain the color that you will certainly love however it all affects the pricing. 

For example, if you should touch up those roots a bit that will start at about $70 bucks. If you want that sexy platinum look and also your require double handling that is going to run you a tiny more, everywhere between $100-$150 depending upon the size of your hair. Professional highlights that offer your hair that razzle dazzle will certainly price between $80 -$230 depending on numerous determinants favor hair length, thickness and more.

A excellent rule of thumb to remember is the even more that hregarding be done to your hair to reach your color objectives, the even more expensive it will be. At Bombshell all our color treatment choices are affordable for both the guys and also dolls and supply the skilled outcomes you desire for your look. 

An proficient stylist have the right to consult via you and also administer you through the information you must make the best decision around which color procedure is best to make your vision a truth.

You Are Worth the Investment

Getting a look that you love and also that provides you feel confident is a worthy investment. Hair coloring does not need to be cost prohibitive if you choose the best salon. Bombshell delivers the results that exceed expectations and also keep the costs affordable. Make your appointment today with our exceptional stylists to obtain the color that you will love!