How a lot execute you spfinish when you take a trip to North Korea?

We are frequently asked what a trip to North Korea actually costs. The answer is that the price constantly relies on what precisely you desire. A little vague of course, however in practice that’s just how it works. What we can say is that a pilgrimage to North Korea does not have to be expensive at all. Here we describe the expenses you have to take right into account if you desire to take a trip to North Korea.

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First you start with the basics: the price of the tour itself. The price of a tour starts with us about € 1,000. This depends on how many days you go and via which tour. The price of a much longer tour have the right to go approximately about € 2,000. Important to understand is that this contains the price for the guides, overnight stays, train take a trip and also meals in North Korea. In addition, it is good to understand that the tours you book through North Korea are always about the exact same via every provider. CultureRoadway is often a bit lower in price. We carry out this bereason we want to provide even more world the chance to visit North Korea.

Tright here are a variety of costs that we have left exterior the base price. It is much better to fill in these expenses individually for each perboy. They are, for instance, prices for:

Not everyone always takes most souvenirs through them once they take a trip. Now North Korea is a country wright here you can buy many kind of distinct souvenirs. That is why you might want to reserve some added money for posters, figurines, t-shirts or paints. A propaganda poster expenses around € 20. A hand-painted paint expenses around € 100 and also a book via “Famous Speeches by Kim Jong-Il” costs around € 15.

Of course, we are not going to make you pay for alcoholic drinks if you execute not drink or hardly drink at all. Everyone is permitted to pay for themselves. But rest assured: a huge bottle of beer expenses € 1 in North Korea. So if you keep it tidy, you will absolutely not spfinish a lot.

Tips are a very vital and a far-reaching component of the guides’ salaries. That is why we always reminder our North Oriental guides. Of course, you can decide for yourself exactly how much you desire to reminder. To provide you an indication: for the majority of teams we advise € 15 per perboy per day. With a 5-day tour you finish up through € 75. This money is always divided sensibly in between the 3 guides and also the driver.

We deserve to imagine that you would certainly favor a little even more privacy or just a little extra high-end throughout a team pilgrimage. That is why we have included that alternative. For instance, you have the right to book a personal room in North Korea for € 45 per night per perboy.

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By default, you take a trip in and also out of North Korea by train. But you can additionally take a airplane from Beijing to Pyongyang and/or earlier aacquire. These flights vary per tour, yet assume an average of € 250 for a solitary ticket and € 400 for a rerotate ticket. If you desire to produce your own programme you can of course carry out so also. In that case you have the right to book an individual pilgrimage. We are happy to develop this expedition along with you in order to totally accomplish your individual wishes. Individual trips are a little bit more expensive than group trips, but you obtain flexibility in return!

Your journey to North Korea always starts and also ends in Beijing. And while you’re tbelow, you’d much better view the city for a couple of added days, right?

Feel favor going tour North Korea now? Check out our team trips and individual tours.


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