My 13" MacBook Pro has actually 500GB internal tough drive space, and I bought a 1TB external HDD to usage as my Time Machine backup. I only read from many kind of articles that the backup should be about 2 to 3 times the size of my tough drive, but I feel choose 1TB will never before be filled up, and also in reality, leave many cost-free space.

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I understand that Time Machine takes a picture of my whole device and stores it in the backup drive. But say, for example, only about 120GB of my interior HDD is in use. Then it"ll only take a picture that"s about 120GB in size, and while that same snapshot will certainly thrive over time as I take even more current snapshots of my device, it will never go beyond 500GB bereason that"s the maximum dimension of my interior HDD. Or perform I have it wrong? How does Time Machine job-related, really?

I"m asking this because I desire to understand if I have to use a separate outside HDD for storing my actual papers.

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asked Sep 3 "13 at 13:43

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You more than likely desire to examine out this website for the the majority of information, but right here is the answer to your question, quoted from the website above:

1. How significant a drive carry out I need for Time Machine?

A basic "preeminence of thumb" is, to keep a reasonable "depth" of backups,Time Machine demands 2 to 4 times as much space as the data it"sbacking-up (not necessarily the whole dimension of your interior HD). Becertain to include the size of the data on any other drives/partitions youwant to earlier up.

But this varies considerably, relying on just how you use your Mac. If youfrequently add/update lots of large records, then even 5 times may notbe sufficient. If you"re a light user, you can have the ability to obtain 1.5 timesto work, yet that"s subject to problems any time a large backup isessential.

And, of course, the larger the drive, the more old backups TimeMachine deserve to store for you. A drive that"s also tiny might only have actually roomfor a couple of weeks (or even days) of backups.

Unfortunately, it"s quite hard to predict, and many of us have actually atendency to add even more and also more information to our systems over time, so if indoubt, obtain a bigger one than you think you require now.

Also, tbelow are some OSX features and 3rd-party applications that takeup huge amounts of backup space, for various reasons. See question9 for details.

This is a trade-off between space and just how lengthy Time Machine can keepits backups, since it will, by design, ultimately usage all the spaceobtainable. But it will not just quit backing-up when it runs out: itstarts deleting the earliest backups so it can keep making brand-new ones.Hence, the more area it has, the much longer it have the right to save your backups.

If your backup disk is on the little side, and Time Machine demands to doa really huge backup, either because you"ve included or adjusted a lot ordone something like an OSX update because the previous backup, you maygain among the messperiods in Troubleshooting item #C4 (which onerelies on specifically what taken place, and which version of OSX you"re on.)

My Answer

Then it"ll just take a snapshot that"s about 120GB in size, and while that same snapswarm will certainly grow over time as I take more recent snapshots of my mechanism, it will never before go past 500GB bereason that"s the maximum size of my internal HDD.

No, not rather. The 1 TB difficult drive will be filled up because Time Machine keeps your backups and also deletes them as soon as your hard drive is filled. Tright here is more than one backup stored on that difficult drive. As stuffe pointed out also, Time Machine allows you to reclaim to a previous backup, given that Time Machine may keep 7 or 8 backups on that 1 TB tough drive.

I"m asking this because I desire to understand if I should use a separate exterior HDD for storing my actual papers.

Yes, you should. You need to be dedicating a drive to Time Machine. Here is the quoted answer from 3 in the webwebsite I linked above:

3. Can I usage my Time Machine disk for various other stuff?

Yes. Time Machine will not delete anypoint you put tright here. But it"snot an excellent concept to put anything else vital on the very same physicaldrive, unmuch less you ago it up in other places. When (not if) that drivestops working, you risk shedding it.

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If you desire to perform this anyway, it"s much, much better to partition anexternal drive into 2 (or more) parts, also referred to as quantities. Assignone to Time Machine, for its exclusive use for backups; usage the otherpartition(s) but you want. To usage a brand-new drive, or one you don"tmind erasing, watch question #5. To add a partition to an existingdrive that currently has actually data on it, check out question #6.