news Canucks prospect Boeser enjoys prom through biggest fan

North Dakota player atoften tends dance with girl that has actually Dvery own syndrome


Vancouver Canucks prospect Brock Boeser attended prom Saturday via his greatest fan.

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Baylee Bjorge, that attends Grand also Forks Central High School in North Dakota and was the Homecoming Queen, had a night she will never forget through Boeser as her day.

Bjorge, that has Dvery own syndrome and also wasn"t going to attfinish prom, required to social media to ask Boeser, her favorite player, to the dance. Her mom, Katie Marcotte, didn"t know this and shut down her social media accounts.

Bjorge and also her household were on vacation in Florida when Boeser got in touch with Marcotte, who didn"t recognize who Boeser was, but her sons did and encouraged her they had actually to end their vacation early so Bjorge can go to prom with him.

"He is really cute," Bjorge told Valley New Live in North Dakota. "I was pumped and also I did cartwheels favor five times."

Bjorge, that has actually been a fan of North Dakota for years, bought her prom dress prior to returning residence Saturday for the prom and her nails matched Boeser"s tie.

"I wanted to perform green for him and I got the No. 16, it"s my lucky number," Bjorge shelp.

Marcotte was overwhelmed by Boeser"s gesture, yet said North Dakota has actually constantly been generous to Baylee and the family.

"They"ve always, through the years, just been the biggest boys and also they have actually constantly consisted of her in whatever, which has made her feel so special," she sassist.

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Boeser, 19, was selected by the Canucks in the initially round (No. 23) of the 2015 Draft. He helped North Dakota win the National Championship this season and also his 35 goals tied for initially in the United States Hocvital League in 2014-15.

"He has readjusted my life," Bjorge shelp. "He is always in my heart and I will go to all the games favor I constantly perform."