Hi I am here to take a quiz of you on seven perfect angels . I hope that you have studied well your quiz and can score well in quiz.. Lets see how well can you do in the quiz.

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Are you fan???I think that you are just bereason you gone into this quiz and also have faith in you that you recognize the whole people of sak networks and have the right to deal with this quiz also, on seven perfect angels...

Created by: lisa

What is your age? Under 18 years old. Above 18 yearsWho is a monday spot? Anna Aincredibly BothWho has actually left right now and also visited SSG? Mimi Ellie Both NoneWho has simply been added a couple of weeks before? Ellie Holly Both NoneWhat is age of avery? 12 13 14 NoneAt which spot is lia on salso perfect angels. Monday Wednesday Thursday TuesdayHow many total girls are their? 6 7 8 9Is tbelow any kind of guy? Yes NoWhich salso perfect angels is from canada? Ellie Holly Mimi Anna AveryWhich is the best sequence of salso perfect angles? Anna and avery , jaidyn, heather, lia, holly, ellie, jana. Anna and also aincredibly, lia, jana , jaidyn , ellie, holly, heather. Anna , aextremely , jaidyn, lia , jana , holly, heather,, ellie.

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