Brick arch lintels were traditionally supplied for structural assistance however currently, they are supplied as decorative aspects. Brick arches boost the door and window openings. These arches have the right to be installed indoors to include an aesthetically pleasing element to your interiors. Or you deserve to build a brick arch for your garden. You can build a brick arch lintel by yourself too, as expert masonry endure is not a prerequisite to construct brick arch lintels. Here is exactly how you have the right to construct one for your residence or garden:

How to develop a brick arch lintel

First, you have to gather all these materials, to construct the arch:


Measuring tape, plytimber sheets, circular saw, timber screws, power drill, carpenter’s level, mortar, concrete mix, mason’s trowel, concave tool for brick joint, jigwitnessed, lumber glue, drop towel, mister, sheet plastic, experienced, ladders, pencil, string, L-Square.

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A few helpers would be handy to lift the brick arch lintel over the door or windows!

When you are building a brick arch lintel, you have to initially construct a wood assistance.

Building the support

First step

The initially step is to measure the opening’s width at its greatest point, before arch starts. It is well-known as ‘springing line’ and this develops your base for the wooden assistance.

Second step


Transfer your opening’s measurement to bottom edge of your plytimber sheet. Then, after finding the specific centre, mark it at the plylumber sheet’s bottom edge. This allude is dubbed as the ‘striking point’. After this step, tie some string to the pencil, placing the pencil’s point at among the ends of springing baseline.

Third step

Now, keep the string tight, and place the string’s other finish on the striking allude and attract a semi-circle from among the ends of the baseline to the various other. All these steps are fairly straightforward and also fundamental but need to be executed perfectly when you build a brick arch lintel.

Fourth step

Draw one vertical line which is at ninety levels to your springing baseline from centre suggest. Use L-square and also directly edge. After this, note the exact suggest where perpendicular line bisects semi-circle arc. This marks the place for your keyrock, which is one of the the majority of necessary building and construction detail once you build a brick arch lintel.

This is because the keystone locks the brick arch right into its location. Then, start counting from the keyrock to find out the variety of bricks you will certainly need to fill both the sides.

Fifth step

Now, cut the semi-circle utilizing the power jigexperienced. Use the shape you have actually reduced out as the layout to cut one more semi-circle. These two cut-outs will develop the two sides of the wooden support.

Sixth step

Whether you are structure the arch for your door or over windows, you have to execute this action very closely. You need to nail a timber piece on the edge of the base of the semi-circle. If you are going to location the bricks or hardwood upright, or in soldier style, then usage a 2×4 wood. If you are planning to place the bricks horizontally then use a 2×8 hardwood piece.

Nail comparable hardwood pieces alengthy the perpendicular, and also 2 pieces of timber on both sides of the perpendicular to produce a triangle shape. Then, nail the various other semi-circle cut-outs to timber.

Now, reduced one strip of the versatile hardboard and also nail this to the plywood’s curved edge.

How to develop the brick arch


After structure the wooden support, you can follow these measures to construct a brick arch lintel.

First step

You first have to build 2 pillars on both sides of the opening to the elevation which ends at the arch’s beginning point. This action hregarding be done once you are making a brick arch over the door. The pillars need to be deep and wide to assistance the brick arch. It is better if the pillars are bigger, as soon as you are trying to construct a brick arch lintel. It is construction information which is incredibly essential.

2nd step

Cut a wood piece horizontally. This can go beneath the form’s base. Cut 2 even more timber lengths to be put versus side pillars with horizontal wood placed on top. Now on optimal of the assistance frame, area the semicircle plylumber. This is the assistance you will usage once you start placing the bricks.

Third step

Mix the mortar according to the instruction written on the load. Then put some mortar on the height of among the pillars, via narrowhead edge, encountering the inside of arch. Now, location your initially brick on the mortar. Align the brick according to the imaginary line which runs via the brick’s centre up to the striking point on the arch’s base. Repeat this step for the various other pillar.

4th step

Apply mortar on one more brick and also place this on your first brick. Repeat this on the other pillar. When you construct a brick arch lintel, you have to construct your arch equally on both sides to keep the balance. Continue laying bricks till you reach the keystone allude, and also all bricks have to be aligned via your central point.

Fifth step

Now, the keyrock has to be buttered via mortar on both edges and wedged right into the arch’s top. This will help to lock the arch or bricks in area and also the stress anxiety will be transferred to the brick pillars instead of the wooden assistance structure.

The keyrock can be a dimension which is bigger than the bricks, to include an added decorative facet in the lintel you are building for over home windows or a area inside your home.

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Sixth step

You have actually currently efficiently built your brick arch lintel. Now, offer ample time, a few days so that the mortar sets effectively. You could likewise also out the mortar at this time. After your mortar has set, remove the wood assistance frame as well as the semi-circle develop.

As the brick arch lintel will be hefty, you could need some willing helpers to aid you lug and location it. Enjoy your difficult job-related which can inspire you to execute some various other residence improvements on your own!