I'm at wit's end. I've searched and it would appear no one has any idea how to do them.

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I've turned automatic finishers on and off and there is no difference, I receive no button prompts, my adrenaline being full has no affect.

This video I found shows what are combat finishers

But I have never done anything like this. Geralt will decapitate enemies, or chop off limbs. But never in slowmotion or a close zoom in. What am I doing wrong?


Finishers just happen randomly, and I'm pretty sure they only go in slow motion when you're killing the last enemy in a group. Also, I think they only work with light attacks, though I may be wrong.

the finishers in slow motion usually happen at the end of a fight, if you finish off the last member of a group of enemies

The Adrenalin I assume has something to do with it because if I have a huge combo going murking guys one after another without taking damage (Quen will keep it going) then everyone I kill gets a finisher. So just max out your Adrenalin and use fast attacks. In the options menu there is an automatic finishers option but Idk what happens if you turn it off.

Finishers happen when an enemy is at low health, 25% or less i believe. You also have to be pretty close to the enemy and quickly press x (fast attack) when prompted.

I think finishers happen by chance but not too sure. PS4 store gives you extra finishers as free DLC so I think pc should have it too

I don't know, but when you find out please tell me. I much prefer to have the regular speed finishers without camera zoom and bullet time.

Finishers are random, work with regular attacks only and are more likely to trigger for the last enemy of the group, axiied or confused enemy. And they normally only work for humans.

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I believe finishers are random, but they are far more likely to happen when you are OP compared to your opponent. If you roll into a bandit camp filled with level 7s and you're a 38, you're going to get finisher after finisher until they're all dead. Just look at one of the hottest posts in this sub right now - the guy demonstrates loads of finishers by making sure he is OP (in this case by adjusting the difficulty of the game. My experience is based on DM settings and I believe easier difficulty levels mean more frequent finishing moves because you're more likely to OP an opponent.).