I'm trying to do Sandy (from Grease) for Halloween.... how am I going to gain my hair to continue to be curly?? Help!

This is my costume idea: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/sandy-olsson

I don't know what to do about my hair! It's shoulder-size, light brown/blondish, fine yet not thin, straight, and smooth. I have actually 2 questions.

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How to method this hairdo? Has anyone done Sandy for Halloween before? How on earth execute I attain this look?

Is tright here any type of way I deserve to perform it without making use of a shit ton of product? I've obtained a curling iron I was planning on making use of, but typically no matter what kind of warm I usage, my hair doesn't hold anything I carry out to it. When I attempt to use product the trouble appears to gain worse... because my hair is fine, the product weighs it dvery own, makes it grbasic, and also the curls are gone in a few hours. Is tbelow a method to hold curl without product, or is there a product I deserve to usage that won't weigh my hair down?

Thanks guys!!

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Pin curls. (youtube it) It also looks prefer some of the curls roughly her hairline are pinned in location to keep the as a whole shape.

If you deserve to, attempt no heat establishing, were you execute you hair the night prior to or at an early stage that morning nad let it set all day. Hair holds shape best once it's style via hair that is 90% dry....or lightly spritz each section on dry hair. You can hit it through a blowdryer towards the finish, but wait at least hour for it to cool completly prior to taking out the set. Most people have actually a clockwise grain (think cowlicks) so image a clock versus your haed and also twist in a clockwise direction. If it fall out immediatly after, you may one of the few via a counter clockwise grain.

Teasing hte hell out of it to store the volume will help and scrunching through mousse to maintina the curl.

And..begin practicing currently. You don't the massive night to come up simply to uncover out your hair won't host the style.

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Or, pull it back in freacnh braind and also buy a cheap costume wig.

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