I recognize a bunch of means of gaining diamonds on the game but what are some ways of acquiring cash various other than entering difficulties that commonly call for you to spfinish even more than you earn.

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That’s pretty a lot the just method to obtain cash. If you need to save up for a while try just entering the dailies and also the challenges for which you already have actually the forced items, even if you need to dip into out of seaboy apparel. One method I started accumulating most cash was by producing a separate Facebook account for Covet and including lots of players on tright here, definition I’m able to borrow an item for eincredibly single obstacle. It provides a huge distinction.

Free to play player right here. I conserved.

Starting out, entering the everyday gives you $500. Don't buy points for the everyday since there are no needs. I would start out by only entering $100 obstacles since you don't need to spfinish a pretty penny to satisfy the requirements (going off-seachild if I need to sometimes). Eventually, you'll view the cash start to accumulate. Once you acquire right into that halittle bit, you will uncover you'll have actually sufficient cash to buy whatever you desire. Hope this is helpful!

Once you deserve to enter the jet set challenges that really helps. You deserve to usually enter with what you currently own and also then after 8 hrs it gets voted on and also you u lock one more collection and it gives you 500 diamond as a reward. You have the right to then surprise those to cash if need be.

Entering difficulties seems to be the only method i have the right to think of. Even if I only play as soon as a day, i make certain to enter the Daily Challenge and conserve up as much as I deserve to. I additionally get my allowance and also use my diamonds to consist of for my lack of cash:(. I'm not ashamed though haha

Spfinish a whole week at a time entering just dailies without buying anypoint for it and also various other challenges that you currently have actually all demands for. Borrow as a lot as feasible so that you don’t need to buy.

I would carry out prefer a week of only dailies around once a month and it renders a huge distinction.

You can convert diamonds to cash at a 1 to 1 rate. Just hit the bit diamond at the height of the display screen and that will certainly bring up a menu to purchase diamonds. Scroll down past the purchase supplies and you’ll uncover a totally free diamonds to cash exreadjust button. Theres no way I recognize of to go back though, so don’t buy more than you require at a time.

Anvarious other method you deserve to get diamonds (and also transform to cash) is to download quick thoughts app on iPhone, I think the indistinguishable for Android is google opinions yet I’m not 100%.

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Fast thoughts enables you to earn $1 for eincredibly survey you complete and you have the right to transform this right into iTunes gift codes and also use to purchase in game diamonds.

Hope this helps someone!


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