We all want to feel beautiful, and obtaining a flawmuch less spray tan is one way to carry out just that. At Be Bronze Studio, we not just desire to help you look better, yet we will certainly assist you feel better also. Invest in yourself via a practice spray tan made simply for you.

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But before you head to the studio, tbelow are a few spray tan treatment tips you should follow to make the a lot of out of your tan. The number one tip? Exfoliate! Let’s learn how to exfoliate prior to a spray tan, why it matters, and also some various other spray tan tips to store your skin glowing.

How to Exfoliate Before a Spray Tan to Make it Last Longer

When you go in for a practice spray tan, you’ll want to make sure your skin is as pristine as possible. One of the best ways to prep for your tan is to exfoliate completely. Exfoliation helps rerelocate dead skin cells, which then reveals the fresh skin underneath. This fresh skin is primed and also ready to absorb the spray tan solution evenly and also deeply. This suggests that you’ll have actually a much more also tan for longer. The fresher your skin looks and feels, the much better your spray tan will look and also last.

Tright here are many kind of means to exfoliate prior to a spray tan. Here’s our favorite routine for the night prior to your tan:

First, take a heat bath or shower for about 10-20 minutes. Do all your shaving actually now to prepare for your tan.

Next off, after the bathroom is nice and steamy, usage an all-organic, oil-free pre-tan exfoliator and also an exfoliator mitt to gently exfoliate your skin in a circular activity. If you don’t have actually an exfoliator mitt, you have the right to likewise use a body scrub or a washtowel.

After exfoliating, rinse off in the shower.

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Lastly, moisturize when you gain out of the shower! Since you simply refreburned your skin, you’ll want to hydprice it also to gain it ready for your tan tomorrow.

This is just one tip on how to exfoliate prior to a spray tan. If you’re running short on time (4-6 hrs prior to your tan), you have the right to simply hop in the shower and gently exfoliate utilizing some body buff gloves. Don’t moisturize this time bereason you want your skin fresh and also polimelted for your spray tan. Also, prevent exfoliators with oil at least 4 hrs before your appointment.

The Best Natural Exfoliants


Not all exfoliants are made equal, and also component of knowing just how to exfoliate before a spray tan is knowing which exfoliants are best. We love all-organic options bereason they are gentle on your skin and also don’t contain any kind of nasty chemicals. Here are a couple of favorites, as well as some DIY organic exfoliants you deserve to make at house prior to your spray tan:

Pink himilayan salt scrubs are perfect for a pre-tan exfoliation sesh because they’re all natural. Look for salt scrubs made from herbal, organic ingredients prefer macadamia oil, coconut oil, shea butter, pink grapefruit necessary oil, and also, of course, pink himilayan salt.

Exfoliating prior to a spray tan is super necessary, yet it doesn’t have to be complicated! Either pick an easy store-bought exfoliator through natural, organic ingredients, or think about making your own.

Exfoliant Ingredients to Avoid

A few of the ideal pre-tan exfoliators are all-organic, but if you want to rotate to a commercial alternative, make sure to shop smart. Here are some points to consider once you shop for a pre-tan exfoliator:

Avoid microbeads at all costs. Some says have actually even banned microbeads because not only are they turbulent on your skin, but they’re additionally stormy on the environment. Water therapy plans can’t filter them out, which implies that they finish up in the sea and also deserve to cause damage to marine life.

While not an ingredient, you need to additionally remember to be gentle on your skin and also not exfoliate too aggressively. This is among the first rules once learning just how to exfoliate prior to a spray tan!

Other Spray Tan Care Tips

Knowing exactly how to exfoliate prior to a spray tan is crucial to helping your tan look much better and also last longer, yet tbelow are also many type of various other spray tan care tips you need to store in mind.

Before Your Spray Tan

Taking treatment of your tan starts even before you head to the studio. Before your appointment, make certain to:

Exfoliate at least 4 hrs prior to your appointment

Shower and also shave at least 4 hours before your appointment

Don’t moisturize ideal before your appointment. Come through clean, fresh skin!

Don’t wear any type of various other beauty commodities, including makeup, when you come for your tan

Complete all other beauty solutions initially, like nails, waxing, facials, and massages

Wax 24 hrs (or more) before your appointment

After Your Spray Tan

Our Be Bronze Studio spray tans have the right to last as much as 12 days through appropriate after-tan care. Here are some tips:

Bring dark, loose-fitting apparel to your appointment to wear after your tan. We love long t-shirt dresses and sandals!

If feasible, don’t wear a bra or undies right after your tan

Although exfoliating prior to a spray tan is ideal practice, don’t exfoliate after your spray tan till you’re ready to prepare for your next appointment

Stay ameans from all moisture, including functioning out, for at least 4 hrs after your tan

Take your first shower at least 4 hours after your tan, however no more than 24 hours after

When you execute shower, be gentle. Don’t usage any harsh exfoliants or scrubbing

Avoid warm showers

Pat yourself dry, don’t rub

Having a beautiful bronzed glow is a surefire means to make you feel excellent and also finding out just how to exfoliate prior to a spray tan will certainly assist it last much longer. Get a nice also glow with these tips.

Experience the Be Bronze Difference

At Be Bronze Studio, we think that beautiful skin begins via outstanding skincare, which is why our tans nourish and also boost your skin while offering you a mesmerizing glow. Our practice airbrush spray tan solution is loaded via skin-perfecting ingredients, anti-aging botanicals, and other repairing ingredients to support your skin health and wellness. These spray tan exfoliation tips will certainly aid boost the longevity of your tan and have actually your skin feeling healthy and balanced and refremelted.