Xbox and its controllers, a three-word crazy story in which you continue to be in front of a display screen for much longer sessions that are complete of excitement, surprises, thrillings, and chillings.

No issue what game you are playing the Xbox controller is the main need for Xbox gaming and also what spoils all the fun of gaming is if any of the controller butlots feels sticky or responds late due to stickiness in buttons of the controller.

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While gaming we come across some highly intense moments wbelow we spill beverperiods and food over controllers, it appears fine at the minute but in the future, it have the right to be a large difficulty for you when you are playing through sticky butlots.

Are you one of those who are perplexed about how to fix a sticky button on the Xbox controller? Don’t problem anymore because in this write-up we will certainly tell you how to fix a sticky switch on Xbox Controller and just how to clean the controller and also gain it ago to the aesthetics of a brand-new controller.

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This process works much better through the plastic buttons on the various other side the rubber buttons takes even more time and also effort. But the finish outcomes will certainly leave you shocked.

Do you need to take your Xbox or Xbox One controller apart?

For gamers, the sticky butlots of the controller are among the common concerns that they confront while making use of a gaming controller for prolonged sessions.

The stickiness that lies in between the buttons reasons them to respond late making it challenging for gamers to play games and give their height performance.

Fortunately, this procedure is a straightforward resolve that anyone have the right to usage with the assist of some devices and yes, you will certainly require some patience also. If your controllers are old, then our advice would certainly be to buy a new controller as it’s even more convenient and also easily affordable.

Why carry out controller butlots obtain sticky?

The a lot of widespread reason for sticky buttons of the controller is a mixture of dust and also dirt blended through our hand’s sweat or oil. The snack and drinks that come in call via the controller via your hand also while you are gaming add too.

If you are stuck to such an issue, then no need to issue bereason we have some means whereby you can clean that junk up and make your controller occupational prefer it’s brand-new.

How to Fix a Sticky Button on Xbox one controller

If you are thinking of how to solve sticky butlots of the controller, then here are some tried and tested true-means that deserve to aid you a lot. Amongst them, which one to use is counts on how a lot the Controller buttons are jammed and also what’s your comfort level.

Clean about butloads via alcohol and Q-Tips

If you have spilled anypoint on your controller, then your controller demands a mirror cleaning around butlots. To perform that, grab some Q-tips and also some rubbing alcohol and follow this procedure.

Firstly, unplug the controller from a consingle or disaffix it.Then, dip the Q-pointer right into rubbing alcohol carefully.Then take that Q-guideline and rub that about the regulate buttons that are sticking. Try to obtain as much and deep dvery own the switch as you get.Once you have cleaned the switch as much as you deserve to, currently it’s time to examine. Press the sticky butlots a couple of times so that the alcohol goes dvery own right into the surface of the buttons and also loosen any type of type of debris that is stuck in it. If you are still encountering the exact same concern, then carry out repeat the procedure several times (periodically it takes time) or you deserve to also try another technique which is created listed below in this short article.

The alcohol evaporates easily and also it is advised that you shouldn’t usage a lot alcohol as it can damages the circuitry damages to the controller.

Note: Never before clean your controller butlots with water, because as soon as the water gets inside it reasons circuiattempt and corrosion damages to the controller.

Another method: Take the Xbox controller apart and also clean

The second alternate choice you have to resolve the sticky buttons on Xbox controllers is to take the controller apart. This technique is riskies, you could end up damaging the controller instead of resolving it.

So, it is advised that only go with this method if you have actually suffer in opening up electronic devices as this is the process of removing the motherboard of a console which also calls for excellent attention and super keen observation abilities.

To perform so, you will certainly require numerous screwchauffeurs of various sizes and some other fundamental tools that you could currently have actually in your tool kit.

Tools you need:

Soldering ironTweezersSpudgerT6 Torx Screwdriver.T8 Torx Screwdriver

Tip 1: Battery pack

First, rerelocate the battery cover and also then rerelocate the battery.

Tip 2: Side handles

Hold the controller strongly and also remove the side handles, wedging a spudger in in between a seam that is between the front and also handles plates.Now pry the plate ameans by relocating the spudger ago and also forth.

Step 3: Screws

Use a screwdriver to punch a hole in the facility of a label at the ago of the controller.In this way, remove 5x screws. Using T8 Security Torx Screwdriver.

Tip 4: Backplate

Rerelocate the backplate.

Tip 5: faceplate

Now, rerelocate the faceplate.

Tip 15:

Now clean the buttons by using Q-tips or alcohol correctly and then location whatever back to its original place effectively otherwise the controller won’t job-related.

That’s all and you are done cleaning the controller and its butloads.

Do and don’t while fixing sticky buttons of a controller


Use a cotton swab and alcohol.Be gentle through the controller.Use the ideal tools.Trust a repair shop, they are experts.


Never before use water to clean.Don’t host with excessive force.Don’t usage a traditional screwdriver.Don’t go for DIY if you don’t have any endure.


These are the technique of exactly how to solve a sticky switch on the Xbox one controller. Make certain you follow these ways to store your controller clean and safe from stickiness.

Don’t eat and play.Keep the location clean and also dust-totally free.Use a clean manual controller.

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That’s all folks. We hope this post will certainly be a good help to you. Thank you.