This post will show you how to unlock the sword in Destiny: The Taken king. This requires that you complete a quest from Eris Morn called, A Broken Will. Before you can carry out that, however, tbelow are particular needs that have to be met. We’ll describe them all, obtaining you with this search in around 30 minutes. When you"re done, you will certainly have unlocked either the Void Edge, Sol Edge or Arc Edge.

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Important Note: If you are opening the chests and only getting Glimmer, make sure that your inventory is not full. You cannot acquire the Hadium Flakes if you don"t have room to save them.

How to Unlock A Broken Will

Update: In enhancement to completing the story and the Dread Patrol search, we are likewise hearing that this will unlock after you find your initially Calcified Fragment, which can be acquired from the initially mission, The Coming War.

To actually unlock the quest you need to first finish the primary story objectives in Destiny: The Taken King. This has Regicide, the last mission aboard the Dreadnaught wright here you confront Oryx. Once you’re done that, you will certainly need to complete an additional pursuit that’s called Dread Patrol. This quest is provided out by Cayde-6, and also he deserve to be uncovered in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower. You"ll be headed ago to the Dreadnaught to area beacons down and open up the patrol choice.

After you complete Dreview Patrol, return to the Tower and speak with Eris Morn. She"s moved from her old place, and can now be discovered just inside the Hevery one of Guardians. She will have a quest for you dubbed A Broken Will, and this is just how you can acquire either the Void Edge, Sol Edge or Arc Edge sword.

A Broken Will - Sheight to Lord Shaxx

If you speak to Eris Morn you can begin the quest, A Broken Will.

The first component is exceptionally straightforward. Turn about and also sheight to Shaxx, that should just be a couple of feet ameans from wright here you gained the search from Eris Morn. This is the entire first part of the search, and as soon as you’re done you’ll be heading back to the Dreadnaught.

A Broken Will - Reforging the Blade


Shaxx will ask you to grab him 25 Hadium Flakes and lug him 10 Motes of Light. As stated prior to, this is done on the Dreadnaught. If you have completed every one of the steps up to this point (the story missions and also Dread Patrol), you need to have the patrol alternative unlocked on the Dreadnaught. Head to Orlittle bit, and also then select the Level 35 patrol choice aboard Oryx’s ship.


You’ll spawn in at an area dubbed the Hull Breach, and the direction you desire to take a trip is towards the middle of the location in front of you. If you look up, you’ll see a large ship that has craburned right into the Dreadnaught, and listed below it you’ll uncover a ravine. If you follow that ravine you will certainly finish up in a winding tunnel that ultimately delivers you to an area dubbed the Mausoleum. It’s below that you deserve to easily grab your 25 Hadium Flakes. Tbelow are likely various other locations to find these chests, but this was the initially and also most convenient that we situated.

You deserve to discover 2 or 3 chests every time you do a lap roughly the Mausoleum.

What you desire to execute is occupational your means about this area in a clockwise fashion. Tright here will be numerous rooms off to the side, and inside those rooms are chests. Open these chests up much the means you would certainly on any kind of various other planet and also you will certainly uncover the Hadium Flakes you’re trying to find. There has a tendency to only be 2 or 3 chests in this location, so keep doing laps and they will proceed to regenerate. If you find that they aren’t respawning as conveniently as you’d choose, head back to the Hull Breach location and also then return. This will take you everywhere from 15-30 minutes, depending upon just how lucky you acquire.


When you have actually every one of your Hadium Flakes, go back to the Tower and stop to Shaxx an additional time. He won’t have actually an indicator letting you understand he desires to chat, so simply trust us. You’re additionally going to desire to carry the 10 Motes of Light through you, and also at least 25 Spinmetal, 25 Helium Filaments or 25 Relic Iron. You only require one, yet the resource compelled changes based on the sword you pick.

Arc Edge - 25 SpinmetalSol Edge - 25 Helium FilamentsVoid Edge - 25 Relic Iron

A Broken Will - Withstand the Elements

After you’ve turned in the required sources you’ll gain your option between 3 swords, and each one will execute a different type of damages. It’s for that reason that we advise you to choose a various damage form for each of your three characters, yet of course you’ll have to repeat the quest 2 more times to gain the other two. For currently, you will either have actually the Void Edge, Sol Edge or Arc Edge.

Exotic Sword - A Sword Reforged

Once you have the Legendary sword you have actually the alternative to attain an Exotic. To execute this, you should first level your Legendary sword’s assault value as much as at leastern 280. When you carry out, Lord Shaxx will existing you via another search, A Sword Reforged. Prepare to spend hrs completing this, and waiting even longer if you don’t time your activities effectively. When it’s done, but, you will have either the Dark-Drinker, Raze-Lighter, or Bolt-Caster Exotic Sword. It will certainly have actually an assault value of 310, and also a unique move that will obliteprice practically any kind of enemy in Destiny. It’s a game changer.

Tip 1: Essential Elements

Obtain 10 Rare Planetary MaterialsObtain 500 Ability Kills

The initially part of this quest will take you about an hour, and also the kind of resource you have to farm counts on the kind of sword you have. Void swords will need Relic Iron, Solar swords will certainly require Spinmetal, and also Arc swords will require Helium Filaments. The difficulty is, you are in search of a random drop that will only come from the reresource itself, not chests. Let us describe.

Now, Guardian, head out on Patrol and attempt out your brand-new toy. When you’re done, visit our Destiny: The Taken King Walkvia and also Guide for all of your Taken King strategy needs.

We have a Void sword, and hence had actually to farm Relic Iron on Mars. We headed out on Patrol and began using Nightstalker’s magnified radar to discover Relic Iron. After finding around 10 various Relic Iron sources, we gained a rare, random drop that offered us a unique product. That provided us 1 of the 10. That we required In a nutshell, you need to run around the earth that contains your reresource and farm about 100-150 pieces of the reresource it is known for, waiting till you acquire your 10 rare planetary products. Be certain to track this search so you have the right to quickly inspect your development.

When you’re done that, it’s on to the ability kills, which you must be doing as you are farming if you wish to gain ahead. Aacquire, the capability kills carry out not incorporate weapons, so if you are using a Void sword, you cannot use a Void weapon to acquire the kills. They will certainly not count. You have to usage your super capability, grenade and melee assault. For our Nightstalker subclass with our Hunter, we configured our Shadowshot with the Quiver modifier, offering us three bolts for eextremely super, killing targets by direct impacting them. We also provided our grenade.

Of course, this part of the quest deserve to take a lengthy time, yet the great news is you have actually till the next Armsday to gain it done. If Armsday (Wednesday) is approaching, you could desire to gain a relocate on. Patrolling the Steppes on Earth is a great area to get these, although you might know of a much better spot.

Is tright here anypoint even more beautiful than a 310 exotic sword?

Step 2: In Good Temper

Soptimal to Lord Shaxx

Step 3: Armsday Alloys

Wait till the following Armsday

Step 4: Take Up Arms

Speak to Lord Shaxx

Tip 5: Sealing the Blade

Defeat the Warden of Oryx and Alak-Hul, the Darkblade within 30 seconds.

This search sounds poor (and it is), yet it’s not rather a horrible as what you might think. You’re going to need to fire up the Sunless Cell Strike at Light 300. If your Light isn’t there yet, you’re going to battle, yet it is possible to pull it off. Be sure to carry your most qualified friends.

Bring a three-perkid fire team with you, and also make certain that you are extending all three forms of elepsychological damage, as tbelow will certainly be tons of opponents through shields to take down. Be patient and also progressively work your means through the Strike till you reach the last boss fight, and also then take the following measures to ensure success.

When the fight kicks off you will view Alak-Hul, the Darkblade, but you’ll also view three different Knights that are recognized as the Warden of Oryx. Each will have actually a different name, and a different shield type. The one you’re came to with is the one that has the same shield form as your sword. We had actually the Void sword, so we had to be concerned with Heolstor, Warden of Oryx. As for the other two Knights that don’t have actually the exact same shield form as you sword, just kill them.

You want to lug Darkblade’s health and wellness down so it’s in between 5 and also 10 percent. You additionally want to carry out this with your Warden of Oryx. They have to both be near fatality. When they are, gain your fire team prepared, and also ensure that you have your super abilities all set to burn these suckers.

Start by killing the Warden of Oryx, which will start a 30 second countdown timer. You won’t see this, yet it’s ticking amethod just the exact same. Your goal is to kill Alak-Hul, the Darkblade within 30 seconds of the Warden of Oryx dying. If you deserve to carry out this, you will have completed this action of the search, and it’s on the last.

Step 6: A Blade Reborn

Do not adjust your resolution, this is the actual size of the sword.Soptimal to Lord Shaxx

Head back to the Tower and also soptimal to Lord Shaxx aacquire. He’s going to have actually a 310 Exotic Sword for you, and it’s substantially larger than your old one. It likewise has a unique strike that you deserve to unlock by leveling it up, which you need to absolutely attempt out. We were wrecking almost any type of yellow bar in the game through ours, yet of course Light level matters. Oh, and also the ideal component is you acquire to save your Legendary sword, so now you have actually 2.

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The damage kind of your Exotic sword counts on the damage type that your Legendary sword has actually. Void for Void, Solar for Solar, and Arc for Arc, as you might have actually guessed.