The frozen flames in God of War are offered to upgrade the Leviathan Axe. Here is where you deserve to uncover eextremely flame and totally upgrade your axe.

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God Of War has a large repertoire of tools to gain for Kratos, among various other important collectibles such as the Frozen Flames. You can upgrade Kratos' axe with Frozen Flames, and there are many kind of of them uncovered throughout the main storyline and after finishing it.

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​​​​​Each Frozen Flame has needs for collecting them, and they each vary in their purposes. Below you'll find a finish guide for collecting every Frozen Flame and also every one of the various other indevelopment you have to recognize around them.

What Are Frozen Flames Used For?

The certain purpose of Frozen Flames is to upgrade the Leviathan Axe, which is essential for defeating the more powerful opponents that you'll encounter as you progress via the storyline. This is the just purpose for Frozen Flames, and tbelow are five for you to collect in complete.

Unprefer other forms of crafting in God Of War PS4, tright here are no added resource needs to upgrade your axe other than unlocking each Frozen Flame. As soon as you collect a new Frozen Flame, you have the right to immediately upgrade the Leviathan Axe.

When you first enrespond to the Dwarf Brothers in God Of War, they'll explain whatever you should understand around upgrading your tools, which is necessary for progressing through the major storyline. Before meeting these 2 characters, you can't craft or upgrade anypoint. You'll meet Brok by advancing through the first few objectives in God Of War.

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​​​Luckily, obtaining the first Frozen Flame is as straightforward as advancing via this crafting tutorial bereason Brok will certainly provide you the Frozen Flame for complimentary, via no combat or quest involved. Your axe will currently be stronger; however, tright here are still four Frozen Flames to obtain throughout the entire game.

Unprefer the initially Frozen Flame, the second flame is much harder to attain. However before, it's still got naturally through the major search, comparable to the initially flame. Once you begin climbing the hill, you'll reach the Foothills, and you'll encounter a troll.

Trolls are a hard adversary to defeat since their assaults deserve to end up you off in simply a couple of hits, and also they have actually the majority of health, so it takes a while to damages them. The one weakness that Trolls have is that they're sluggish opponents, which renders their strikes easy to dodge. Arrows are additionally a great method of dealing additional damage to Trolls.

Once you defeat the troll, you'll be rewarded through the second Frozen Flame, which upgrades your axe aacquire. This is the initially Frozen Flame that you obtain by beating an adversary, however tbelow are even more to collect in the exact same way.

Throughout the major questline, you'll be lead right into the Heart Of The Mountain, where you'll come throughout a large mining location. There's an elevator in this area which is the just method to travel up the mountain and also proceed on your quest. Tright here are miscellaneous opponents that you'll have to fight scattered throughout the mine; but, among the toughest to defeat is the troll that lives near the elevator.

While trying to take a trip up the mountain, the troll will ruin your plans by initiating combat. Although the troll is an obstacle standing in your way, defeating it is more rewarding than a lot of of the various other opponents and containers in the hill because it drops the third Frozen Flame that you'll need to upgrade your axe.

Similar to the last troll, you have to usage its lack of rate to your benefit by maneuvering roughly the troll and firing arrows at it rapidly. Although the troll hits tough, it doesn't stand a possibility versus a well-timed dodge and the Leviathan Axe.

The two previous troll fights are simple compared to the boss fight via Magni and also Modi that you'll have to finish before getting the fourth Frozen Flame. However before, this boss fight isn't as complicated as you could suppose from a two-foe boss battle.

You have to allow Atreus to distract one of the bosses while you fight the other. You must time your strikes well and also protect against being overwhelmed by the two bosses, yet those are the only major combat rules that you should follow. Tright here are a couple of stperiods to this boss fight, yet it's all typical except for the fact that you're fighting two bosses at once.

Once you defeat both bosses, you'll be rewarded via the powerful Frozen Flame and can end up the pursuit. "The Magic Chisel" is a late-game quest, so you can't unlock this flame at an early stage in your playthrough of God Of War, yet that's fine given that you don't require the flame's power till you've got to this point in the story.

Sindri is an extremely useful character in God Of War, and he becomes also more beneficial after finishing the major storyline. Unprefer the past 3 Frozen Flames, you don't must complete any combat trials to unlock the fifth flame; instead, you'll need to purchase it.

Once the last primary search has been completed, you can speak with Sindri, and also you can buy the final Frozen Flame in exchange for the distinctive item "Chilling Mist Of Niflheim", which you can attain in the Niflheim Maze. You need to open up a chest found in the middle of the Niflheim Maze, and it costs 5000 Mist Echos to open the container.

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Once the item is in your inventory, you deserve to sheight to Sindri and trade it for the last Frozen Flame. Unfortunately, this is the only means to obtain the fifth Frozen Flame, so you can't purchase it via Hacksilver. Once you've obtained this flame, you'll have actually fully upgraded the Leviathan Axe via Frozen Flames.