James Dean’s 85th birthday was yesterday, and also to honor this enduring icon of rebellious teenage angst, we’re offering you the lowdown on how to style James Dean’s signature slicked-back hair, an icon in and also of itself. You might recognize it as the quiff. Whether you select to go via Dean’s shinier take on the quiff or a looser, modernized version, one thing’s for certain – this classic will never go out of style.

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The Haircut

Medium-length hair with slightly trimmed sides and also a tapered ago. Ask your barber to snip the height of your hair so it progressively shor10s from front to back.

Rapid PSA

Most guys can pull off a quiff, yet if your hair is particularly frizzy or curly, you may fall short of Rebel Without a Cause outcomes.

How to Format It

Wash your hair and also towel-dry till hair is slightly damp.Warm some pomade in your hands, then work with damp hair through your fingers. Start via a dab and only include more if vital, given that it’s constantly easier to add even more than have to wash product out of your hair. Plus, according to Men’s Health UK, the heavier your hair is, the harder it’ll be to style, so store the product minimal!Seal the look with styling wax for extran interpretation and shine, especially at the tips.

Pomade Options

Here’s the fun part. The type of pomade you usage determines the as a whole look of your quiff; matte pomades and also pastes will certainly provide you a more textured, contemporary finish, while a typical oil-based pomade will send your hair straight back to the fifties through glossy shine and a tight form.

Matte Pomade / Clay / Paste

Products through much less shine will produce a quiff via even more piecy texture and a softer look, as if you have actually no product in your hair.

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Oil-Based Pomade

Usually, oil-based pomades sell significant host plus tool to high shine, creating that slicked-earlier, wet look that James Dean and various other heartthrobs of the moment were famous for.


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