One of the a lot of beloved styles many type of naturals rock beautitotally is sexy, soft curls from Flexi Rods. They are right for a number of reasonsyet one of the best is the it calls for no warm to produce and also they yield perfect spiral curls much easier than various other approaches.

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Flexi Rodsarefunctional lengthy rollers which create sleek spiral curls on all hair textures. They come in various sizes to provide varying curl sizes and also widths and also are easy to use.

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If wanting spiral curls, woguys traditionally resorted to establishing their hair on plastic or foam rollers, or resorting to curling tiny sections of hair via a curling iron or curling wand. Neither alternative was perfect for all organic hair or serene hair yet even worse for transitioning hair that deals with at leastern two exceptionally different textures. Flexi rods came to be the solution to creating smooth/sleek spiral curls for transitioners.

Best achievedon freshly washed hair (as a lot of styles) flexi rods is a protective style that lasts as long as you care for it nightly and also provides two or even more incredibly different textures a unicreate and smooth look on any hair kind.

JourneyTo WaistLength shares an easy-to-follow video on developing sexy, soft and also long-lasting flexi rods spirals. Here’s exactly how she did it.

Products used:Shampoo- VO5 Moisture Milks BalancingShampooDeep Conditioner- Aussie Moist 3 min miracleSoft Hood DryerOrganix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti‑Breakage SerumORSOlive Oil Wrap Set MousseCreme of Nature Leave-in Conditioner30 Flexi RodsCombBrush

Method:First, break-up your hair into 4 sections for easier manageability. Take a square inch (or any kind of small amount you prefer) of hair from each area and spritz with water and apply the leave-in conditioner. Brush hair to totally smooth hair, to disperse product and keep your hair stretched and detangled.

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Apply the Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti‑Breakage Serum for shine and also the ORSOlive Oil Wrap Set Moussefor hold. Now, area the finish of your hair on the end of the flexi rod and also wrap it about to secure it. Slowly roll theflexi rodand smooth the hair as much as the root of the hair. Make sure to usage the remainder of theflexi rodto close it by bending it approximately save hair on theflexi rodand also in location.

Repeat the process on the rest of your head spritzing hair with water that might have dried slightly. When you’re finished you can air dry or use a Soft Hood Dryerthen sleep via a satin bonnet. For the 1following day, make sure that your hair is 100% dry prior to you unravel eachflexi rod(in an external motion) progressively making certain not to disturb the curl pattern and also reason frizz.

After allflexi rodare rerelocated, use the Coconut Milk Serumfor added shine and also to minimize frizz. Take each curl and also very closely separate it where it normally desires to loss and to your liking and also coil earlier the curls through your fingers.



Your nighttime program have to concentrate or protecting the curls. You deserve to execute this by spanning via a satin bonnet, pineappleingor resting on a satin pillowcase (if you don’t relocate a lot at night) to keep the style for numerous days. If you see a area (or the entire style) that is losing its curl or gained wet, lightly mist via some leave-in, reuse the flexi rod at night and also unravel in the day to store the style going also longer.

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So, who’s ready to rock a flexi rod collection on their transitioning hair? Have you tried this style? Share your thought around the style and also your endure below.