Forgive a newbie"s question, last pokemon I played was Gen 3 Hoenn. Back in the day to my understanding the just method to get all 3 starters would certainly be to trade (even more specifically I would "New Game" the game 3 times and also sfinish the starter to a friend ASAP, then I would certainly then get the 2 starters from previously runs earlier on my 3rd start).

Is tbelow any kind of other simpler means to obtain all 3 starters?

Edit: The advantage of the method I"ve mentioned over is I acquire to begin and also usage all 3 starters from the start of the game, and it is guaranteed/quick through reasonably low hassle. (Don"t need to address an auction residence and find/wait for a trade).

Is it probably to straight trade with a details perboy digital prefer the wired relationships of the old days?

My various other problem would be if the worldwide profession system just becomes obtainable say midmethod with the game.

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Edit: I don"t check out a new game button prefer the old Gen 1-3 games have actually once you begin the game.

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You can breed your starter (either via a Pokemon of the very same Egg team if it"s female, or otherwise with a Ditto) to obtain Eggs that will certainly hatch into the starter Pokemon, efficiently giving you "duplicates" to profession via others. This has actually been feasible considering that Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal). So instead of sindicate restarting the game & trading amethod the various other starters, you can breed them and profession through friends (assuming that you all decided different starters to one another!).

In the more recent games however, you are able to trade online, and therefore aren"t reliant on having friends that started with a different starter to you. In Sun/Moon, your virtual alternatives include:

Put up one of your duplicate starters (or really any type of Pokemon) for trade on the Global Trade System (GTS), and also research among the other starters for trade.Note that even more highly sought after Pokemon will be more likely to obtain a solution, and also as "Starter A" is about as rare as "Starter B" it"s more likely that someone will certainly be willing to profession you this.Sindicate browse GTS for the starter that you desire, and watch what other human being desire in exchange.Wonder Trade a lot. With Wonder trade your chances can be slimmer to acquire the starters you want, but with them generally being more highly sought after it"s even more most likely other world are hatching them and Wonder trading them amethod.

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Update: Now via the release of the Pokebank for Sun/Moon, you are able to deposit your starter Pokemon in the Bank, permitting you to restart the game and also withdraw them aobtain at a later on phase (i.e. rebegin twice, depositing two starters, and then withattract them aobtain once you have actually your 3rd starter).

All online trading framework (GTS, Wonder Trade, and also Link Trade i.e. Friend to Friend) are taken on inside "Festival Plaza" - obtainable from the primary menu. It is unlocked after many of the initial "tutorial/story" area is done (after you visit the Professor"s house) - more than likely about 15-20 minutes right into the start of a game.

It is likewise still possible to straight profession with a friend over the internet, this is completed by using the "Link Trade" option, aacquire a component of Festival Plaza. See my answer here which covers the whole process: How to I profession with friends over the internet in Pokemon Sun/Moon?