Looking for a complete Persona 5 Strikers Fusion Guide? Here is a finish list of eincredibly possible fusion combicountry required to complete the registry.

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Persona 5 Strikers fusion collage
There are plenty of Personregarding collect and also fuse in Persona 5 Strikers, and also completing the inmate registry (collecting all Personas) will reward you with the Mask Connoisseur trophy. However before, completing this regisattempt is much easier sassist than done, as some Personas have the right to only be fsupplied once you have actually obtained specific items from defeating Powerful Shadows.

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Tbelow are 67 Personas in complete to complete the Persona compendium, and also the final Persona, Lucifer, can only be derived in New Game Plus, which you have the right to just unlock by defeating the Reaper. We"ve got a full list of eincredibly Persona best below, as well as every fusion combicountry to acquire them and any other added details you need to recognize.

The Velvet Room

Persona 5 Strikers Velvet Room
The Velvet Room is your base of operations for Personas. Tbelow are three choices available once you enter this area, and also here"s a rundown of each one.

Create New Personas (Executions)

Persona 5 Strikers fusion
When you initially start Strikers, you will only have one execution approach that have the right to combine 2 different Personas. As you development with the game, you will certainly unlock more combicountries that permit for 3, 4, and also also 5 Personas to be foffered in one go. Here are some crucial points to recognize about fusion:

In order to fuse a Persona, you must be at a high sufficient level to manage it, meaning that you need to be at the exact same level as the Persona or higher to fuse it. Persona fusions need the base Personas affiliated in the fusion to be at a minimum level, you deserve to view the forced level of each on the fusion screen. You don"t require all the Personas equipped to Joker in order to fusage them. If you have owned them prior to, Lavenza will certainly still allow the fusion, albeit at a expense. Personas created from fusions can obtain stat bonuses, making them more powerful than others you sindicate obtain from masks. The opportunity of a stat bonus boosts if you are futilizing a base Persona that has actually been fused many type of times before. There is a possibility that your fusion will certainly have a random result quite than the one intended, this is called a fusion accident. However, these accidental Personas are usually more powerful than various other Personas.

Persona Enhancement (Mask Fusion)

Persona 5 Strikers Persona Enhancement
The Persona Enhancement alternative enables you to level up your Personas by utilizing Persona points. You deserve to just strengthen your Persona"s level to the indistinguishable of Joker"s level. Later on in the game, you will certainly obtain an additional improvement option that lets you level up the individual stats of your Personas utilizing Persona points.

Persona 5 Strikers register Personas
This is where you have the right to summon any type of formerly owned Personas for a price. You deserve to register your Personas to conserve them in that existing problem, in regards to level and also learned skills. You can re-register a Persona at any time to overcompose its conserved problem in the regisattempt. You deserve to likewise see your current Persona Registry completion percentage right here.

Personas are obtained from fusion or from collecting masks in the Metaverse.

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If you are already moving your maximum number of Personas and pick up a mask of a Persona you do not very own, it will still be added to the regisattempt and the fee will be waived for the initially time you summon it. Purchasing and also upgrading the Joker"s Wild Bond Skill will certainly rise the opportunity of masks manifesting in Jails.

By the finish of the game, you"ll most likely have a lot even more money than you do Persona points. An simple way to obtain Persona points is to summon Personas and then instantly delete them to earn points. You can delete Personas from the main food selection at any kind of time, or from the Persona Enhancement display in the Velvet Room.

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Arcana: Judgement Base Skill: Curse Base Level: 66 Fusion Combinations:

Kaiwan (59) + Mithras (58) Legion (53) + Babsence Ooze (54) + Pisaca (57) Kaiwan (59) + Ganesha (58) Neko Shogun (59) + Mithras (58) Neko Shogun (59) + Ganesha (58) Kaiwan (59) + Yatagarasu (58) Neko Shogun (59) + Yatagarasu (58) Bugs (53) + Black Ooze (54) + Pisaca (57) Legion (53) + Lilith (54) + Pisaca (57) Cu Chulainn (59) + Mithras (58) Cu Chulainn (59) + Ganesha (58) Legion (53) + Babsence Ooze (54) + Mot (57) Bugs (53) + Lilith (54) + Pisaca (57) Cu Chulainn (59) + Yatagarasu (58) Bugs (53) + Babsence Ooze (54) + Mot (57) Legion (53) + Lilith (54) + Mot (57) Bugs (53) + Lilith (54) + Mot (57)