Due to the improved style, my home is much better illuminated than the neighboring dwellings, what reasons a lot of of the villagers to load inside. Since I didn"t favor it, I have actually began using iron doors to save them out. The problem, however, is that I get stuck fairly regularly. Now, I"m trying to find a different method to store the villagers ameans while I can still usage normal spurce wood doors. Does anyone know just how to accomplish this?


Instead of facing directly on to the doormeans while placing the door, stand off to the side. You"ll know you"ve done it appropriate if the door places in an open up place instead of a closed place. This will make it so once the door is "open" it will certainly actually be closed, and when it is "closed" it will certainly actually be open. This will confuse the villagers to the allude that they will be unable to open the doors to acquire right into your house.

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Use a fence gate or iron door rather of a constant wood door. Villagers have the right to just open traditional wood doors.

Anvarious other option would be to construct a little patio or deck in front of your residence, and also use the trapdoors as your decking. The trick is to have actually your residence 1 block over the bordering location, location down a block in front of your door, put a trapdoor on optimal of that. You have the right to remove the block listed below. A player can jump up onto the trapdoor, yet a villager generally won"t or can"t jump onto anypoint higher then 1 block.

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Build an elaborate 2x2 or 3x3 redrock piston door.


Villagers won"t recognise your house if you don"t have wooden door.As villagers don"t flick levers or buttons they won"t enter your residence


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