Have you ever before wondered what to do with your old set of Cashmere Hair extensions? Like anything made from actual hair, our extensions carry out have actually a shelf life (though treating them well have the right to extfinish it - check out this article for tips!). And while we recommend replacing your collection once they"re founding to look worn, that doesn"t expect you have to throw them amethod.In this new blog series, we"ll discover different methods to recycle hair extensions, and also we"re starting through a classic: the DIY Donut Bun. Keep on reading for just how to offer your old extensions new life!

DIY Donut Bun Tutorial

Generally, a hair donut is made from foam, and also semi-matches the shade of your hair (think blonde, brvery own, or babsence. Not a ton of options). And for you thin-haired women, it deserve to be challenging to cover all that foam via your herbal hair... but never before are afraid. I"ve gained a solution for you.This DIY donut bun perfectly matches your hair, and also doesn"t have to be extended up -bereason it"s made from old extensions! In the following few measures, I share all the steps crucial to upcycle your extension collection right into a gorgeous brand-new hair accessory.First points initially are the products. For this tutorial, you"ll require the following: an old (clean!) sock pair of scissors bobby pinsGathered all the offers for your DIY donut bun? Great! Let"s get began.

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1. Prepare Your Sock.

This is a good use for that sock whose mate acquired eaten by the dryer (I can not be the just one via 6 singles floating around my drawer!). Take your sock and also usage the scissors to very closely snip the toe off. It should currently resemble somepoint choose a tube.

2. Assemble The Base.

Begin to roll your sock from the reduced end, being cautious to save the roll as tight as possible. This is bereason the tighter your roll, the much easier it will be to hide the sock via your old extensions. When you"re finished, you need to have somepoint shaped prefer a donut - this is the vital to your DIY donut bun.Note: make certain the edge of the sock is toward the optimal of the donut - this will certainly make the next action a lot simpler.

2. Attach Your Expansions.

Next, it"s time to use those hair extensions! Pick up the initially of your 3" wefts, making certain they"re clean and also detangled. If you require instructions on just how to clean them, this article have the right to help.Pop open the clips, and also clip the weft to the edge of the sock. Be certain it"s fastened secudepend, and that the sock isn"t coming un-rolled.

3. Wrap.

Pull your extensions via the center, wrapping them about the donut to cover the weft and also sock. Keep wrapping till you reach the end of your hair. After that, grab a bobby pin and secure the ends. It might take some finessing to get this appropriate the initially time - do not be afrassist to unwrap and also begin over!

4. Complete Your Donut Bun.

Aobtain, take your second and third wefts, connect, wrap, and pin. At the end, you have to have a full piece that looks just favor a ballerina bun! It"s a basic and also crucial accessory to have actually on hand also for formats like messy buns and also updos.

How to Style

Now that you have your perfectly color-matched DIY donut bun, you can be wondering - what now? Next, I"ll walk you via how to style your fab brand-new hair accessory.

1. Make A Ponytail.

Using a vast tooth comb or brush, pull your hair right into a tight, secure ponytail. I favor mine super-high for maximum influence, yet the choice is yours! Just make certain it"s secure and also not wobbling approximately.

2. Add Your DIY Donut Bun.

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Then, grab your ponytail in one hand also and also donut bun in the other. Pull your pony through the facility of the bun, so that it rests on the optimal of your head over the hair-tie.

3. Format Away!

This step is pretty open-ended. In the video, I style my hair in a basic, chunky messy bun (I"m still working from residence, after all). But there are so many type of various points you have the right to execute via a DIY donut bun - from a sleek ballerina style, to a sophisticated upcarry out, your choices are honestly infinite.If you want to shop my look for this tutorial, I provided my 18" Hollywood Brunette Standard Extensions (custom-dyed to my finicky shade of red). I"ll connect them here:
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and also that it helps you manipulate some of your old extensions! If you have actually any even more principles on how to upcycle your old wefts, or you tried this tutorial and also want to share, let me know in the comments. I"m so excited to share more from this series via you, and can not wait to hear what you all think.Happy DIY"ing!Want to attach more? Katie have the right to be discovered over on Instagram at