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Imagine at the finish of your close-up performance, you cause eincredibly card in the deck to revolve TOTALLY TRANSPARENT...in the SPECTATOR’S HANDS! Imagine no more—the Phantom Deck is below.

Building on the notion of the well-known Omni Deck, The Phantom Deck is a whole load of transparent, clear cards. When held together, they look, feel, cut, and shuffle favor a normal deck...other than that eincredibly single card is transparent. This enables you to make visual or surpclimb alters from a normal deck to an “invisible” deck of cards...yet it’s an invisible pack your spectators can touch and spreview and also feel.

The sides of the deck have been fuse-heat treated in white so they perfectly resemble a normal fill of cards. With one cover card on top, you can area the deck in a spectator’s hands, and also she will be unable to feel the difference between the Phantom Deck and also a normal load.

The Phantom Deck comes with a attach to a distinct URL with a complete digital tutorial.

Because publishing the Phantom Deck, 2 brand-new crmodify advances have actually involved light. Luis de Matos, my esteemed friend, used the exact same principle (he dubbed it the Crystal Deck) in 1987. And Darius Ziatabari and also Lee Hathameans published an impact dubbed The Crystal Method numerous years prior to the Phantom Deck, and among the said provides was somepoint rather equivalent to the Phantom Deck.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The material offered to create Phantom Deck might be susceptible to light scratches. This is completely normal and must not impact your capability to perdevelop the impact.

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Tony asks: What box does it come in? Is it tradition, bicycle, Phoenix? Also is it 52 pieces of plastic or is each item thicker than a normal card so it’s much less than 52?

1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hi tbelow,These are around the thickness of a playing card and tright here are approximately 52 in each deck although this varies slightly. The box they come in says Phantom Deck on package, a lot favor in the product image, so you would certainly need to location these in a new box if you were creating them in that method. We discover many human being slip them into performance without a box.2. john answers: Easy as they are signing the card you switch to the phantom deck in the other pocket. DONEJOHN WILLIAMS WELSH WIZARD

David asks: Do we need to furnish a constant deck of cards for the trick or is a consistent or gimmicked deck come along with the clear cards. Also tiny hands makes me ask if tright here is palming involved. I assume there is.

1. Tony answers: The phantom deck comes with a load of clear cards and also an virtual instruction. You have the right to execute this trick without palming so the tiny hand also does not issue.

Dave asks: Is the phantom deck I bought at Blackpool convention the exact same as you are marketing currently bought them off George on your stand also likewise have the originals as soon as 1st released

1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We constantly attempt and boost commodities as soon as we make new batches=

Mark asks: Do you should closely clean the transparent cards often?Do they gain covered in marks/finger prints etc?

1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unmuch less you have actually exceptionally oily hands, the surface doesn"t pick up many kind of fingerprints. They will certainly pick up minor scuffs through use, however my individual deck still looks good.

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Jeffrey asks: Is this a "3.0 ish" release? By that, I mean, are the white edges better on this variation than the last 2 (wbelow tbelow were some white edge issues). I have the 2.0 but would gladly buy this if it has actually been boosted this respect. Thanks.

1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This isn"t a "3.0" release, however the edges are very excellent in this batch!

Vince asks: Does the instructional video teach a deck switch that is used?