Star Wars: All 3 Of Luke Skywalker's Canon Lightsabers Explained Luke Skywalker ended up being the owner of three various lightsabers in Star Wars canon. Here"s a breakdown of the weapons featured in the franchise.

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Luke Skywalker ended up being the owner of a full of three various lightsabers over the course of Star Wars canon. The character, played by Mark Hamill for a expectations of 4 years, serves as one of the a lot of influential numbers of the franchise. After starring as the young hero in George Lucas" original Star Wars trilogy, Luke went back to the spotlight for Star Wars: The Last Jedi (after a cameo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens). As among the first characters to wield a lightsaber, the weapon has come to be associated via Luke.

Lightsabers are melee tools provided by Force-sensitive beings, mostly the Jedi and also the Sith. Powered by kyber crystals, the weapon contains a hilt and also a plasma blade, which could reduced through almost anypoint in its route. Based on the crystal supplied, the color of the blade can vary, yet red is regularly linked with individuals of the dark side of the Force. Attaining and wielding a personal lightsaber is a rite of passage in Star Wars, but it"s not uncommon for someone to acquire multiple models over time.

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Luke gained 2 notable lightsabers during his arc in the movies, yet the character used a 3rd weapon in a current comic. While the objects have been essential aspects of the film series, the lightsabers have actually additionally been integral to canon materials. In turn, even more details about the weapons" visibility have been discovered. Here"s a failure of Luke"s three lightsabers, consisting of how he obtained them and what taken place to them.

Luke Skywalker"s Blue Lightsaber

Anakin Rey Luke Lightsaber
Luke"s blue lightsaber, additionally described as the Skywalker lightsaber, is still among the the majority of iconic tools in Star Wars. First appearing in Lucas" 1977 film that launched the franchise, the blue-bladed lightsaber was initially owned by Luke"s father, Anakin Skywalker. Following Anakin"s transformation into Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi dueled his previous Padawan and took the weapon after the major defeat. Luke provided the signature lightsaber during his Jedi training, yet it was lost when Vader chopped off his hand in The Realm Strikes Back. The blue lightsaber later went back in the Star Wars sequel trilogy as soon as Rey took brief ownership. Upon repairing it, Rey enabled Ben Solo to usage it after his redemption, however it was eventually buried on Tatooine.

Luke Skywalker Secret Yellow Lightsaber Star Wars
While not presented in any type of live-action Star Wars movies, Luke invested time utilizing a yellow lightsaber after losing his original weapon on Cloud City. The canon comic book from Marvel, Star Wars #6, adhered to Luke, Leia Organa, and also Lanexecute Calrissian traveling earlier to the Cloud City. Though the Jedi faibrought about recoup his weapon, he got a vision from a woguy called Verla, guiding him to Outer Rim. On his journey, he arrived at an old outpost from the High Republic era wbelow he obtained a weapon as soon as wielded by Jedi Temple guards. It"s currently unclear what taken place to the yellow lightsaber in canon.

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Star Wars Wbelow Is Luke Skywalker green lightsaber
When Luke lost his initially lightsaber in the time of a duel via Darth Vader, he constructed a new one through a green blade. The hilt was actually designed to look favor Obi-Wan"s 3rd lightsaber in Star Wars canon. The weapon was first revealed in Rerotate of the Jedi throughout the rescue of Han Solo on Tatooine. When the Realm dropped after the Battle of Endor, Luke hosted onto his green lightsaber as he undertook restoring the Jedi Order. He took it through him when he entered exile on Ahch-To. When Luke became one with the Force, the lightsaber continued to be on the earth where it remained in the possession of the Caretakers.