In this pandemic period, we have no various other alternate than continuing to be at home. And by this time we can make a variety of tools with our family members. Today we are going to present you exactly how to make a mini air compressor at residence.

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Though, the name of the compressor begins via the word “mini” this air compressor deserve to carry out enormous functions. You have the right to blow off the dust of any kind of remote edge through the aid of it. Alengthy with that, you can use this compressor to inflate the tire of the bicycle, filling blow up playthings, and also many even more tasks.

You have the right to make a mini air compressor with the things available at home. So it will certainly conserve some bucks of buying a tire inflator. However, you can make your family cleaning stuff much easier with it. Let’s watch the method of making a mini air compressor.

Fast Overview

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Mini Air Compressor: At a Glance:

As we are going to make a mini air compressor initially of all let’s check out what a mini air compressor is.

A mini air compressor is the smallest air compressor in the family of air compressors. Do you know the functioning principle of an air compressor?

An air compressor sucks atmospheric air inside. This air gets compressed by decreasing the volume. When the air gets compressed air press boosts. And this compressed air carries a vast amount of potential energy. With this air, you can execute various kinds of pneumatic tasks.

Figure: Mini Air Compressor

A mini air compressor additionally adheres to the functioning principle of the air compressor. It sucks the atmospheric air, compresses the air inside then this air turns into potential power.

You deserve to find a huge array of mini air compressors available in the sector. They cost from $ 30 to $50. But you deserve to make your own mini air compressor via the aid of just a couple of points. It will certainly save your wallet. Along through that, you have many fun making your tool via your very own hands.

The Function of a Mini Air Compressor:

A mini air compressor is likewise known as a tire inflator. Though the name is mini, it have the right to work-related as an effective tool.

You can inflate balloons, inflatable toys, tires, footballs, and so on through a mini air compressor. Even you have the right to fill a pool via this air compressor. Just imagine having some cool moments in the soopoint water of an inflatable pool. Isn’t it refreshing? To reap such moments click just how to inflate a pool via an air compressor.

Anvarious other fantastic function of a mini air compressor is blowing off dust.

Sometimes we cannot clean the dust of any type of electrical device favor the CPU of a computer system, keyboard, or inner part of an AC device. In these instances, a mini air compressor is the ideal different to a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is too costly and heavy. On the other hand also, a mini air compressor is lightweight. It’s straightforward to run.

Even you can quickly dust off your furniture through it. The compressed air of the mini air compressor can blow off the smallest dust pshort articles. So if you have actually a mini air compressor then it will manage all the cleaning stuff.

The Procedure of Making a Mini Air Compressor:

Making a mini air compressor is incredibly simple. Even your bit youngsters have the right to make a mini air compressor if you when display them how to make it.

Required Tools:

To make a mini air compressor you require some tools like:

2 Pieces Plastic Bottle/ Canes of Soft Drinks for BaseA Piece of Mini Air Pump MotorBattery for Power GenerationDrill Machine to Drill Cork of the BottlesKnife for cutting the BottlesGlue for JoiningCopper WiresSteel Pipe ClampCardboard for Placing the CompressorPlastic Pipes via PistonMini Wrench

These things are easily accessible in our residence. Even they are not costly at all if you don’t have one or two. You can collect them from any kind of hardwire shops or from digital.

After collecting all the points currently we are excellent to go to the procedure of making the mini air compressor.

Step 1: Preparing the Bottles:

To make the mini compressor here we are using 2 plastic bottles as the air tank of the system

You have the right to use any sort of bottles or cans to prepare the systemFirst of all, rerelocate the corks of the bottlesThen make holes on the corks of the bottles with the drillThe dimension of the drill little have to not bigger than the diameter of the plastic pipesAacquire make holes on the bottom of the bottlesTip 2: Setting the Pipes right into the Bottles and with the Corks:

After making holes on the bottles and also the corks currently it’s time to set the pipes through the bottles


Figure: Pipes collection right into the bottles

Cut 6 inches of the plastic pipeThen insert one side of the pipe on the hole of one bottleNow insert the other side of the pipe into the hole of an additional bottleThen seal the join via glue so that air cannot escapeAgain take one more percent of the pipeNow put on the head of the pipe right into the hole of a corkSeal the hole with glueMake sure that the pipe has resolved with the glue so that air cannot escapeNow put on the cork on the bottlesRepeat the procedure of adjusting pipe via one more cork and also put on the cork of the bottleKeep the various other head of both the pipes adjoining to the corks cost-free for additionally adjustmentNow strongly tie both the bottles through a rubber bandStep 3: Placing the System on a CardboardAfter preparing the device currently it’s time to place the system on a standAs a stand, we are making use of cardboard herePlaced some glue on one side of the bottles and also area them on the boardNow set the mini air pump motor on one side of the board via glueThen adjust the battery via the mini air pump motorTip 4: Connecting Power to the System:


Figure: Mini air pump via steel pipe clamp

Make power connection through the battery and also the motor by copper pipesAfter connecting the battery through the mini air pump motor place a piece of steel pipe clamp to set the one end of the pipe of the systemJoin the clamp on the mini air pump motor and then insert the finish of the one cork pipeTighten the joining by a mini wrench

Figure: Power Connection

Step 5: Running the Compressor


Figure: Home-made mini air compressor

Now your mini air compressor mechanism is ready

You have actually another end of the cork pipeThis side of the pipe is the air hose of the mini compressor systemWhen you switch on the pump, the motor will certainly run and compressed air will develop in the bottlesThen via the air hose, you have the right to blow off any type of dust ppost or inflate any tires, inflatable toys, etc.Adsimply a piston with the hose to manage the flow of air

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can I make the mini air compressor via just one bottle instead of 2 bottles.

Answer: Yes, you have the right to make your mini air compressor through only one bottle. Even you have the right to use the metal cane as a substitute for a plastic bottle.

Question: Is it feasible to run the mini air compressor through electricity?

Answer: You deserve to attach the mini compressor system via an electric line if you don’t want to use a battery. Just change a plug with the system.

Question: Why need to I use glue to seal the joining of the pipes?

Answer: Sealing the joining of the pipes is the most vital component of making a mini air compressor. If the seal is not locked appropriately then the air might escape which will certainly damage the totality mechanism.

The Closure:

In this pandemic duration, we all are remaining at house with not much to carry out. So we deserve to utilize our time by making tools which have the right to make our life basic. A mini air compressor is such a tool that can revive us by doing our pneumatic task specifically cleaning.

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Now you have actually known just how to make a mini air compressor. Follow the procedures preserving sequence to have actually a smooth finishing. Don’t forget to wear goggles while functioning.