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Kaiden"s 6th birthday is later this month and I have actually been difficult at work planning his party for over a month now. He has actually liked Yo-Kai Watch as the layout this year. The "ible for the party setup will certainly be up later on this month and also I will link it below.

Yo-Kai Watch is a rather weird kids" display. You can watch it on disney XD, Youtube, and Netflix. Its around a normal 10 year child that finds a Yo-Kai in a capsule vfinishing machine in the woods and the yo-kai he finds tbelow gives him the yo-kai watch. The watch allows him check out yo-kai, which are ghosts. The watch is a HUGE part of the show of course so it is certainly essential at the party.

You can buy a Yo-Kai Watch for $20 at walmart. It has the watch via dome on height that opens when you press the button and you buy medals to put in the watch. Each medal renders a summoning song play for that yo-kai.

In the show, the dome opens up, it shines a light, and also it renders noises.

I decided to view if I could make a watch from cardboard and to make it cool, make it light up also.

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Tip 1: Print


Here are the things you should print for this task.

The initially is the pattern for the watch. Print this out on continuous paper or on card stock. You will certainly reduced the pieces out and map them on cardboard to make the watch. The 5th one on the bottom of the page will certainly be traced on plastic.

The second one is the watch confront. Print this on constant paper or card stock. This will be glued to the watch face.

The last one is for the medals. Print this on sticker paper. This sheet will make 3 sets of 8 medals.

Since this is for a party, I will be making 20 of these so I made these sheets through as many kind of as I could fit. You will only require one watch confront and also one set of medals

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Tip 2: Materials


This is all the things you will certainly need to make this job.

- the printables from the last step

- scissors

- glue gun and sticks

- cardboard *cut out all the pieces from the pattern*

- red and babsence wire

- electrical tape

- coin cell battery *consistent 3v is perfect, I accidentally ordered the wrong point and got thick 1.5v ones so I require 2* this is what I ordered: http://www.amazon.com/LOOPACELL-LR44-AG13-357-Butt...

- switch *typically open* http://www.ebay.com/itm/10pcs-6x6x5mm-Tactile-Tact...

- LED *I took mine from an LED tea light candle from dollar tree*

- clear plastic *I provided plastic card protectors*

- Small clear containers *dollar tree 10 pack*

- party favor coins *dollar tree 30 pack*

- ribbon *dollar tree*

- velcro dots *dollar tree*

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Step 3: Accommoday the Battery and Switch


This "ible will certainly be exactly how to make this watch via the 1.5v batteries I offered. It is the very same principle via a constant 3v coin cell battery, but much less work-related. If you use a normal coin cell battery, you do not require these holes. You deserve to simply tape the battery straight on the last layer of the watch. Unfortunately, I developed even more job-related for myself by ordering the wrong point.

These batteries are much thicker than a typical coin cell and they are only 1.5v so I will need 2 batteries to power the LED. This means I have to accommoday them in the architecture.

Take the 2 cardboard pieces via the notches reduced out of them. Trace the battery in the center of one. Cut out the circle with an exacto knife. Align this item through the various other notched item and trace the hole to make certain the holes align appropriate. Cut out the hole from the second piece.

Take among the 2 large pieces without a notch and also trace and also cut the hole in the exact same means.

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This is also a good time to reduced out a notch for the switch. The switches I ordered are very small. They fit perfectly straddling these 2 notched pieces. Stack the 2 notched pieces and lay switch down on the edge. Trace the sides and also estimate the depth. Cut out the notch in both pieces.