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Afro textured hair have the right to be a bit of a phenom don’t you think? Eskimohair offers some level straw prefer tools to make zigzags in her hair that show up to be exactly how some afro textured hair would look. We thought her strategy was amazing, examine out the video below:

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Tajmah Jessika says

February 2, 2015 at 01:14

Chala M. Brooks says

February 2, 2015 at 01:16

She really wanted this hair I check out. Ain’t nothing wrong with it. Apparently, she likes it that much.

Chelsea Lowe says

February 2, 2015 at 01:20

I am so amazed by this. it looks awesome! might try this as a readjust from brassist outs. I choose the zigzag curl pattern

Brittany kind of Aextremely says

February 2, 2015 at 01:48

I think its flattering that she wants to style her hair in an afro. I suppose alot of you women downing this chick cant talk bereason im certain namong you would let weave go and wear your organic hair…

If you arent embracing your organic hair dont bash those that want to have actually our hair.

Rodemirma Viljean says

February 2, 2015 at 02:03

She did a good task. “We” are always so offfinished as soon as we are imitated. Yet rave & rant acceptance! U would certainly throw a fit if someone were to tell u that u couldn’t/ shouldn’t or didn’t can wear your hair in the way u determined. Be happy that we are aacquire making a movement!

I uncover it insane that for years these people have ridiculed our hair,our skin and over all being as humans however carry out everything in their power to emulate us….deserve to we say a major identification crisis

I expect you can’t really be mad at her…she’s only doing what 75% of black woguys do…emulate white ppl and also their hair culture.

I think it’s cute yet civilization cannot talk shit once we all take on social hair layouts world overall. It’s rather condescending to critique her once at one allude if you had extensions, weave, peaceful hair, level ironed, warm comb or gel hair you sound prefer a hater. Hating doesn’t make you beautiful keeping it genuine does. Ironically, she shows up to take on herbal hair than many blacks. #peace

I’m sorry but that’s a NO from me. Had she simply tried for ‘textured hair’ I wouldn’t have anypoint to say. But why AFRO textured hair? Does she watch us with a head that looks choose a big cotton ball? Due to the fact that to me, that’s what she finished up via. I have actually looked at dozens and dozens of youtube videos, check out tons of Black hair website logs and also I have yet to see anyone come cshed to what she did on this video. Maybe this is what we obtain for utilizing relaxers.

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Deleshia Smoots-Robinchild and also Shaneice Tootsie Roll Robinkid I would like yall opinion on this. . . . . Because I’m certainly feeling some type of way

All white world carry out NOT ridicule our hair. I’ve had actually more white people compliment me when I was organic then blacks. Black world wanted to interrogate me around the products I provided or that it wasn’t combed, brush, what have you correctly. I favor her hair tbelow is nothing wrong with it. It’s not an identification crisis. I’ve seen blond blue eyed white little bit girls with frizzy expensive curls that looked simply prefer our hair you would have actually sworned her mother lied around the father. We are not the just race via fro like hair so stop.

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