Just acquired to the point in Far Cry Primal wright here I obtain to explore on my very own through out genuine restrictions. I am beginning to run low on arrows, and also it appeared at initially you crafted them. Is tbelow a method to craft even more after the initial creation? Or carry out I have to loot them now? I have actually looked with the available menus and also might not discover anypoint.

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Open your weapon wheel (depending on your crucial mapping on PC, L1 on Playterminal 4, LB on XBOX ONE), and also then highlight your bow. You will certainly then have a "Craft" alternative showing up. Just press the matching manage (depending upon your key mapping on PC, X on Playstation 4 and also A on XBOX ONE), and also you will certainly be able to craft arrows. Each one of those will price you one item of hardwood to make.


On the PC:Hold Q to bring up the weapon food selection.Then left mouse click the bow to craft an arrowhead.Click extra times to craft more arrows.Finally, release Q to cshed the weapon menu.You must initially have crafted the bow in the craft food selection (I), which it sounds prefer you have.


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