Inside: If you’re wondering how to integrate your locks and make your locs thicker or stronger; this article is going to display you exactly how. 

What started out as skinnier-than-spaghetti-sized locs, inevitably finished up straw or pencil-sized locs.

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This didn’t happen bereason my super-thin locs “magically” became that dimension on their very own, yet rather; over the years, my aesthetic changed to the point wbelow I’d all but drool over locs that were thicker in size than mine were, and also I unified them to make them thicker.

Not just that however, honestly? I got lazy. Tightening 400+ locs takes a toll on you after a while, and back then, I really didn’t want anyone touching my hair yet me.

So, yeah… I needed to cut that number dvery own a bit.

Thin locs in the time of the at an early stage years

Thicker locs in the future

Now, I’m not certain what your reason is for wanting to make your locs thicker, but I recognize it’s most most likely bereason either:

You aesthetically favor larger locs…Your locs are weak and also you want to make them stronger or…You desire to reduced dvery own your maintenance time

In this write-up, I cover:

Three steps to conveniently incorporate your locsThe question of your locs losing the “twisted look” from combining themAn different to making your locs thicker without combining (twisting) them“Two-headed dragons”, what they are, and also what to carry out around them

How to Make Your Dreads Thicker

Back in 2009, I taped a video clip demonstrating exactly how to combine your locs, so you deserve to watch that if you desire to. Otherwise, scroll dvery own and save reading.

The adhering to measures will assist you gain thicker locs, locks, dreadlocks or dreads – whatever before you like to call them.

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Decide just how massive you want ’em

This is vital bereason, the number of locs you’ll have to integrate will be predicated upon the dimension you desire your locs to ultimately be.

For example: If you want simply a little thicker than they are currently, then you’ll probably be able to integrate 2 locs. But if you desire them pretty large, then you may find yourself combining everywhere from 3-6… it simply relies on how massive you desire to go.

So, play around through various sizes, by putting miscellaneous numbers of locs together, to recognize the appropriate amount for the best size.

Step 2: Twist them together

Once you have your number, lightly spritz via water and begin twisting them together.

How to integrate multiple locs:

If you have actually an also variety of locs (4, 6, etc.), divide them in half and twist them together.

If you have an odd number (3, 5, etc.) you can braid them, yet be mindful that the braid pattern might take longer to go amethod, if it goes away at all. Much of that will certainly depend on exactly how thick your locs presently are, and how loose your curl pattern is.

Tighter, even more coarse textures of hair seem to lose the brhelp or twist pattern much easier and also faster than looser fads.

Another alternative for odd-numbered loc combining is to twist two locs via one (or 2 via 3, etc)

Step 3: Secure the ends

Once you’re dvery own to the ends, it may not be clear what to do via them. If your loc tips are kinda loose, then you can have the ability to get ameans with just braiding the ends.

But whether your ends are loose or solid, I suggest securing them to encertain they don’t unravel.

A few options are:

Cowry shells – One of the things I did was to insert a tiny band also right into a cowry shell, loop the band also via itself, then tie the band loop roughly the ends of my unified locs. This is likewise an choice if you want to go with that.Loc cuffs – If shells aren’t really your bag, then one more adornment you deserve to usage to secure your ends are loc cuffs. Just open up it up at the seam, put it on the unified ends, then close it up. You might take into consideration banding, then applying the cuffs for additional defense.Needle and thread – One different to bands and also embellishments is excellent ‘ole needle and also threview. You will certainly basically sew the ends together, utilizing thcheck out that closely matches your hair shade. In the past, I supplied weaving thcheck out, which is heavier than sewing thcheck out, but sewing thcheck out is less detectable. Just be sure to reinforce it so that the threview doesn’t break over time with shampooing, and so on.

I recommfinish watching the complying with video, which will begin best at the suggest wbelow I am talking about securing the ends, in order to watch exactly how to use the cowry shells and/or the loc cuffs, if you decide to go that path.

And while I pointed out sewing the ends together, tbelow is likewise the choice of sewing the entire length of the locs you want merged or even wrapping the locs via thcheck out. I’m not all that versed in either of those, but I understand that loc wearers have done both.

Will Combined Locs Lose That Twisted Look?

While you may walk about through two-strand twisted locs for a period of time, it won’t be prefer that forever. Your locs are more than most likely going to finish up futilizing together and also, inevitably, losing the twisted appearance… at least that’s been my suffer.


Now, some human being get a small also hasty and also snip off one end before it’s time. Don’t execute that. Wait till the linked loc has actually had actually a possibility to mature and flourish out prior to cutting one of the “dragons” off, leaving one.

Final Words

Hopecompletely these tips have been helpful for you in one means or another to gain your locs to the desired size.

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My last item of advice is to be certain in your decision to make your locs thicker… I recognize all too well what it’s choose to acquire tright here, then end up beginning almost everywhere aget when I started to miss the fullness of thinner locs.

So be particular, research your factors, and also if you’re positively sure; go for it!