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Seeing as Final Fantasy XIV is fairly the MMO, you can mean that most mods are purely textures or UI renovations.

And these days it ssuggest makes no sense to transform the core elements of a game too a lot if you’re going to be playing with various other civilization that have actually no mods installed, and also the servers would certainly simply boot you out anymethod.

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However before tbelow are a bunch of wonderful game mods that you have the right to install that will certainly improve the textures and shadings of the game, and anything that’s on your side is commonly safe. Other mods are primarily not enabled and also not most likely to be permitted, so prior to you go modding just save this in mind! Tbelow are safe methods to mod but via FF14 it’s a dicey topic, so always do your study initially.

Be warned, if you’re going to dive into the world of FFXIV mods by yourself, you’re going to come up through a ton of NSFW content.

But issue not frifinish, I’ve filtered the most NSFW results from this list… although some of the the majority of well-known mods perform take place to be a tad inproper for the worklocation. Although need to we really be gaming in the office? Undeniably yes, but let’s hit this list.

UPDATE: This list of mods is in the process of being totally re-worked, and also can be taken into consideration currently out-of-day. We are refreshing this list to attribute just cosmetic mods so please inspect earlier aget quickly for a much even more helpful collection!

24. Moogle Maps


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This utility mod serves the great function of replacing basic map textures with a brand-new collection of maps that enable you to look for prizes simpler.

You will also be able to sue this brand-new set of maps as aid in your everyday hunts. T

he mod is really straightforward to install. All you carry out is replace the textures on the folder as instructed in the mod records, done!

As the mod is a mere texture replacer, it doesn’t really interfere through any type of of the important game documents and you can’t acquire in trouble utilizing it.

And you’ll be able to execute whatever before you desire through the maps and open up them whenever you need. Gone are the days of tabbing in and out of the game to discover what you’re searching for.

23. Griffin Mount Retexture Pack


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The Griffin Mount is absolutely excellent in the game.

But it does feel a little bit boring looking at it for so long. With this mod you’ll be able to install up to four different textures for the griffin, allowing you to even more customize the method the game looks also if only you will have the ability to view it.

Much like every various other mod in this list, the Griffin Mount Retexture just functions on your side. However before this is also what allows it to function correctly with no compatibility worries.

22. Custom UI


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Oddly enough, this mod wasn’t created by a modder.

The Custom UI pack actually came with the game, which implies that they were excluded for some weird reason.

However this ssuggest toggles the constant UI for the one that was covert in the game files, permitting you to browse a much-boosted UI in the game.

There’s no explacountry regarding why this was covert in the game files(that I deserve to find). But hey, let’s not complain!

It’s constantly excellent to check out someone helping out the neighborhood by unlocking concealed attributes and also releasing them for complimentary.

21. HD Hrothgar Faces


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The continual Hrothgar encounters in the game just looked negative.

They had actually basically no interpretation and it made the creatures look even more underwhelming than they must have.

So the Hrothgar deals with mod enhances the fundamental textures by simply replacing them through HD models.

Those feline eyes and also hairs aren’t expected to be watched in SD, and also this mod provides certain that they’re reput by a correct HD look.

20. Touch of Real Female


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The vanilla female face textures that come through the base game look a bit outdated if you’re still playing FFXIV in the 2020s.

So this mod aims to completely rearea every one of the base game textures and also enhance the look drastically by offering HD-looking encounters to eextremely single female preset in the game.

How sweet.

With numerous of new renovations made to the base game, this is just one of the best graphic mod-packs that you have the right to install in XIV, as it combines plenty of other mods to produce a new and refreshed look.

19. Touch of Real Male


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Touch of Real Male is basically the exact same as the last mod I just stated, yet the alters are made entirely to the faces of males instead of females.

It adds the majority of better-looking textures to the male presets, entirely replacing every one of the vanilla ones.

Perfectly suited to those who have actually been playing the game almost a decade after its release.

Bear in mind that namong these two face packs should have actually too much of a strain in your graphic performance.

18. The Newness HD


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The Newness intends to provide eincredibly player is a brand-new graphical precollection that doesn’t reason any performance concerns.

Needmuch less to say, it does a brilliant job at it.

The game looks much much better under this mod, and also the framerate remained practically the very same as shortly as I installed it.

In truth, one can argue that the few frames that my computer dropped when I installed this mod were caused by the various other HD textures that I had actually set up in combicountry with this shader fill.

I really recommfinish you offer it a swarm – it’s fully worth it if you want to improve the look of the game.

17. HD Vanilla Redefined


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This mod is incredibly similar to the last one, as it serves as a complete collection of texture mods that adjust many of the vanilla textures that come via the base game.

Because of this, this mod aims to keep the very same feeling that the game uses.

But still carry out customers through a distinct set of 1k textures, all of which look much better than the vanilla ones.

16. Imperium Graphic Pack


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Looking for some graphic presets?

If so then offer Imperium a shot.

This terrific collection consists of a entirety bunch of exceptional presets that balance exceptional graphics without forobtaining the prominence of device performance.

I perform recommend trying out this mod via any kind of of the texture alters that I’ve provided here, as it truly boosts the whole game as a whole.

Better shading, lighting, and also a lot much better handling make this just one of the ideal FFXIV mods that you can install to improve the graphical look of the game.

15. Alex’s Reshade Preset


Check Out This Mod

I have to admit that this mod took my breath ameans for a bit.

The lighting and shading makes the game look completely various to a suggest wright here you need to wonder if you’re playing FF14 or a brand brand-new HD remake.

Changes prefer this carry out require your computer to have actually sufficient processing power to occupational through these graphics, and a video card capable of running it is fundamental too.

As long as you have actually an excellent GPU and a handful of cores in your mechanism you shouldn’t have actually any kind of problems acquiring this mod to work-related.

14. HD Buffs Icons


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Now this mod is a reoccupational of the buff icon textures of the game, so they look a lot better when broadened.

The original buff symbols are blurry, and also this mod was made by someone that clearly knows a thing or 2 around game art.

All of the textures reprimary the very same in regards to their design and also symbols. But the icons perform boost in range by a lot.

It’s basically a mod that enhances the resolution of eextremely single buff texture for the much better.

And if you favor this mod then save an eye out for a pair of various other symbol enhancements that I’ve provided down on this list. You can desire to combine them all!

13. Blue UI


Check Out This Mod

Alideal, so this mod is actually rather straightforward. And you could be wondering why I’ve ranked it at such a spot on this list.

The answer is quite basic – I really, really prefer the look of it. And I think you will certainly also.

It could be because we’ve looked at the exact same UI for so lengthy, however this little change truly feels really refreshing and also provides the game look newer in my eyes.

Don’t underestimate the reality that it just transforms the color of the UI. You’re going to love it if you give it a try.

12. Chat Gray Box Remover


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Anvarious other small mod that does more than it appears, the Chat Gray Box Remover renders the chat blfinish in through the game more naturally by removing the gray box.

With the remover you’ll be able to select clearer boxes or remove it completely if you wish, as the mod comes through 3 various alternatives.

This is particularly good if you’re tired of seeing package cover up the corner of your display screen.

The mod even allows you switch ago & forth of removing it, leaving just the pertinent chat functions tright here.

11. Flicker Optimization


Check Out This Mod

One of the worst points that you have to attend to in FFXIV is the negative FPS that is regularly caused by the negative rendering of grass in the game.

This mod aims to stabilize the FPS by boosting handling.

In theory, as soon as you install this mod you won’t need to resolve any type of even more flickering or any type of other type of annoying element that could be leading to performance problems as soon as it involves terrain.

This encounters the basic grass problem of FFXIV, so your computer need to run the game even more smoothly if you properly install the mod.

Worth a try to watch what you think.

10. HD Skill Icons


Check Out This Mod

Now this mod does the very same as the HD buff symbols, but it deals with the ability icons rather.

This negative boy, unified through buff icons and also item icons, is meant to enhance the way the game looks as a lot as feasible.

It’s a great mod that serves a straightforward objective, yet the author did a wonderful job through the renovations in the resolution of each item.

9. HD Item Icons


Check Out This Mod

HD Item Icons is the mod to finish the trilogy of avatar-enhancer mods.

And this one is the most finish of the bunch as it intends to much better the way in which eexceptionally single item in the game looks.

It’s the majority of occupational, so I’m just thankful someone took the time to do it and we aren’t being charged for it.

Mods favor this make me realize just how a lot effort goes into the development of totally free product that the writer isn’t gaining anything in rerevolve for.

8. Alive Gshade Preset


Check Out This Mod

This amazing shade preset mod aims to reinvigorate the game look.

And I think it’s safe to say they did an absolutely wonderful job.

It provides the game look really gorgeous and removes some of the blurriness that you periodically had to deal with once in-game.

It comes via miscellaneous alternatives, however save in mind that the better the graphics look, the more GPU power it’ll need.

7. Owl’s FFXIV Reshades


Check Out This Mod

With plenty of alternatives to choose from, Owl brings us among the the majority of complete reshades that you’ll find in the FFXIV modding area.

The mod load has some of the ideal shader presets that the game deserve to acquire.

And it have to go without saying, but these ones take most computer system sources as well.

Most of these presets have actually an extremely high level of detail and it’s going to must have a great graphic cards and also GPU power in order to run.

But in my opinion it’s well worth it.

6. Heavensword Sweet FX


Check Out This Mod

Now we’re acquiring to the substantial leagues of reshades and also shader presets.

The Heavensword Sweet FX is my favorite shader mod, and it does a wonderful task at producing an extra blended atmosphere in the game.

It doesn’t adjust that much, but the subtle readjust makes the game feel a tad even more “serious”. It’s difficult to define, so the finest thing you have the right to execute is offer it a go and also examine it out yourself.

Almeans straightforward to uninstall if you don’t want it anymore.

5. AP’s Male Texture Pack


Check Out This Mod

Alappropriate, this is just one of the many NSFW mods on the list.

But it’s still among the many well-known mods so I had actually to view what all the fuzz was around.

I suppose, I’m assuming that people really love their male textures for some reason… but it does seem favor this mod has actually a high level of detail and also plenty of initiative entered developing it.

It alters male textures and also adds more defined muscles also as… Well… Nipples.


4. Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea


Check Out This Mod

Tired of the bloomy-looking eyes in the base game?

Check this one out.

The creator of this mod went through eincredibly single eye version in the game and also revamped it to make it look far better.

Tright here are hundreds of new eyes that you’ll be able to attempt, and they look pretty cool. I recommend this to everyone that has actually played the game for a couple of years that feels they need a change.

3. HD Eyeworks V3


Check Out This Mod

HD eyes that look 8 times better than the originals that come with the base game would certainly be awesome, right?

Well all deserve to be discovered via this mod.

It’s fairly a large task and the eyes have an extremely high meaning level, so they certainly deserve a spot on my list.

2. Ruta’s Custom 2k Scales


Check Out This Mod

This mod transforms the method the scales look in specific characters in the game.

The creator of the mod made a bunch of new hand-painted scale models and also compiled them right here which is really awesome.

The crafting project is remarkable and it simply falls short for the initially spot because of restricted variety compared to the thousands of brand-new additions that Hair Defined has actually.

Do yourself a favor and also give this a shot. You won’t regret it.

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1. Hair Defined


Check Out This Mod

Finally we hit the optimal spot through this freebie. The mod improves over 1000 hair textures that the base game comes with.

I need to say, even without shaders presets, this looks fantastic.

Imagine combining this through various other graphics mods as well!

And tright here are just also many enhancements to go over all of them, but trust me – you’ll want this in your FF14 experience. Give it a go.