According to the Association of Professional Piercers, the initial jewelry supplied when piercing your belly button is designed for safety and security, not style. If you desire to put in a new navel ring, wait until your piercing has actually completely healed in order to prevent any kind of kind of infection or skin irritation. If your skin roughly your piercing is still tender or is secreting liquid you must wait until these symptoms soptimal prior to putting in a new piece of jewelry. According to Boston Children’s Hospital Center for Young Women’s Health, the estimated healing time for a navel piercing arrays from nine to 12 months.

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Dry your hands and stomach thoroughly and also put on a pair of new latex gloves for added protection against infections.

Soak a cotton sphere in alcohol and dab your belly button piercing through it to sterilize the environment before you take out your existing item of jewelry.

Unscrew the height ball of your navel jewelry going counterclockwise. Hold the bottom part of the jewelry via the other hand also to avoid it spinning in place while you are trying to unscrew the height.

Push the jewelry item dvery own through your index finger to rerelocate it from the bottom and dab the area aobtain via your cotton ball.

Take your new piece of jewelry out of its package. Only use presterilized and prepackaged jewelry made out of metal, preferably gold, silver or titanium, to protect against infections.

Unscrew the ball of your brand-new item of jewelry and insert it from the bottom, placing your thumb and also index finger at the top to catch the jewelry item when it makes it through the piercing.

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