We have actually put our hearts and also souls at developing and creating our a lot of anticipated product, the One Piece Volumizer Hair Exanxiety. After gathering all of your feedearlier I think we have created a product that you will absolutely love. This product is very basic to apply and it offers your hair immediate size and also volume.

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What is the One Piece Volumizer Extension?

This is our NEW & IMPROVED re-designed Remy Clip-in One Piece Volumizer extension. It consists of 1 weft that can conveniently be clipped on in secs and also worn all day with comfort. This new design enables you to include length & fullness as a quick straightforward solution, making your morning hair regimen a snap. This clip-in One Piece Volumizer is the most basic method to add volume and also size to your hair without the battle. It is comparable to the halo architecture, yet rather of an uncomfortable and also unsteady string that goes over your head, the One Piece can be clipped onto the back of your head. This architecture keeps your extension secure, discreet, and comfortable.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRh8lVLTWbk&t=6sThe Design1 Total Piece- One(1) 8" wide weft with 6 clips1 Tester Piece: 1 inch wide weft through 1 clipThe brand-new style is composed of numerous wefts sewn right into one lace item, via 6 clips to produce balance and a comfortable grip. The hair is +AAA Superior Grade huguy Remy hair that is complete from optimal to bottom. The One Piece comes finish with metal clips attached to the weft through silicone tubing for a secure grip once attached to your organic hair. It easily blends via your hair and deserve to be styled, curled, and customized simply choose your actual hair to achieve your desired look.DimensionsLength: 20" inches longWidth at top: Approx. 8" wideWeight: 90 GramsWho is it for?Since of it"s design, it is ideal for tool to lengthy hair lengths. Longer hair is required to blfinish and also prevent the hair extension "seam" wbelow tright here is an noticeable difference between your hair and the extensions. Your hair should be longer than your shoulders with consistent or thin ends with layers. Blunt haircuts will certainly not blfinish naturally through this hair extension option.Our One Piece hair extension comes in all the shades as our clip in hair extensions. The video below shows the Beverly Hills Brunette which one of our the majority of famous shades.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUPqv-Ft8Kg&t=46sMore informationThe One Piece hair extension does not wrap entirely approximately your head and also does not add hair to the sides of your head. If you choose to wear hair extensions that fill hair in on the sides/front of your head, please usage our regular (7 piece) extensions. You have the right to additionally use a few tracks from our constant clip in sets to fill in more hair and to add some tracks to the side of your head. This is designed to include volume & size to simply the back of your head, and steps about 8" wide.
If you require aid with picking the right shade for you please email our customer company at info
steustatiushistory.org by sfinishing a couple of photos of your a lot of current hail color. The video listed below showsituations every one of our shades of our One Piece Extensions.https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=71&v=KZ84WJFUBFoI hope you find this blog advantageous. To check out prior to and after photos of our extensions follow us on Instagram
cashmere_hair. Leave a comment listed below If you have any questions or feed earlier for us.

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We really hope this new product provides your life simpler and even more beautiful.