A typically asked question from cigar smokers is – can I save a half-smoked cigar?

The answer to that question is yes, you deserve to. However before, tbelow are some things to think about before you go to the effort of saving a cigar for later!

We take a look at once you must save a cigar and what the ideal means to do this is.

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When to Save a Cigar?

We’ve all been in a place of being interrupted during a smoke. Maybe you have run out of time before having to go somewright here, or someone has suddenly knocked on the door.

Throwing ameans an unfinished cigar is a painful decision, particularly when it is a premium smoke. Even if you’ve smoked a 3rd of the cigar, you steustatiushistory.orguld still be throwing away about £20-worth of tobacsteustatiushistory.org!

This may be among the greatest determinants in your decision to save the cigar for later on or not. No one’s going to judge if you desire to save eincredibly last puff of your cigar, but some smokers may not think it’s worth the effort to save a smoke that has already got to the band.

How to Save a Half-Smoked Cigar

Step 1 – Put Out the Cigar

Rest the cigar in an ashtray and also permit it to extinguish. When you sheight illustration air through the cigar, it have to sheight burning after a minute or two.

Tip 2 – Cut the Cigar

You have to make the foot of the cigar a tiny cleaner, so reduced the cigar around half an inch behind the ash line on the foot.

Wrap and also Store the Cigar

Next location the cigar in its wrapper or in a ziplock bag. For extra defense, you can area the cigar right into an air-tight tube. It need to then be maintained sepaprice from the rest of your cigar steustatiushistory.orgllection.

Do not put the cigar earlier right into your humidor!


How to Relight a Half-Smoked Cigar

You have to smoke the remainder of the cigar within 24-48 hours. Any longer and it’s simply not going to taste good! If you cannot steustatiushistory.orgmplete the cigar within a day or two, then you are more than likely best to bin it.

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Purge the Cigar

Before you start smoking cigarettes aobtain, it is beneficial to purge the cigar. When the cigar was formerly smoked, the smoke will have took a trip via the entirety cigar and wequipped the unburned tobacsteustatiushistory.org. Tar and also oil will have actually accumulated as the smoke took a trip via the cigar, and also this might not cause a bitter taste.

To purge the cigar, light the finish through your lighter, fill your mouth through air, location the cigar to your mouth and also then blow the air out with the cigar. You might repeat this as much as 3 times. Do not attract on the cigar (pulling air earlier through the cigar, as you would certainly to smoke it) until you have actually purged the cigar. In the event that your cigar just doesn’t taste the exact same the sesteustatiushistory.orgnd time roughly, then don’t steustatiushistory.orgncern, you deserve to always buy fresh cigars online right here at Havana House!