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Changing the band also on a Fitbit tool may seem choose a basic point to perform, yet it can be all as well easy to finish up in a fight with your brand-new Versa 2, Charge, Inspire HR or Ionic.

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Customization is among the genuine strengths of Fitbit"s gadgets, so it"s most likely that you"ll want to swap out the typical band also reasonably quickly after buying - or also just switch in between them two for the office and also workouts.

For those struggling to carry out so, though, we"re right here to lfinish a helping hand. Below, we"ve acquired steps on how to change bands for each tool, so check out on to find out whatever you should recognize.

How to readjust band on Fitlittle Versa 2

Fitbit"s latest smartwatch is the pinnacle of all its wares, however trying to change the band on any type of of its Versa models deserve to be a little of a trial.

We"ve chipped plenty of nails trying to pressure those tiny metal bars into location, listening for the lock, and also unfortunately there"s no easy means about that process.

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Some bands are less complicated to switch than others, and all have to work-related throughout the Versa 2, Versa and also Versa Lite.

Also, hot tip: if you"re switching in between the tiny and big bands, you only should change the bottom fifty percent of the band – conserve yourself some hassle.

Switch bands on Fitlittle bit Versa 2

1. Turn your Fitlittle bit Versa or Versa 2 onto its front and also uncover the 2 steel release levers, located at the edge of each end of the band and locked right into the smartwatch"s casing.

2. To release the band also, slide the pin on the lever before inwards, then pull the band ameans from the watch.

3. To attach a new wristband, slide the pin right into the tiny notch on the watch. Then, as you fit it right into one end, line it up with the various other finish and release the pin into area.

4. You should hear the two sides lock right into location, and the band also need to be secure.

How to adjust band on Fitbit Charge 3

Changing bands on the Fitlittle bit Charge 3 and older Charge 2 is actually extremely equivalent, despite the leap made between generations in the design department.

That"s bereason both function the same strap system on the actual tracker, and also, equivalent to the Ionic, switching both sides have to actually be exceptionally simple.

Switch bands on the Fitlittle Charge 3

1. Turn over the tracker onto its front and also uncover the 2 latches – one will sit on either side of the instance.

2. To release, press dvery own on the level switch on the strap. Similar to the Ionic, you might need to move it around and also lock properly before trying to un-snap it from the structure.

3. Then to attach a brand-new band also, just slide it right into the latch till you hear it snap into area.

Finding solid third-party bands for this tracker isn"t necessarily straightforward, so examine out our finest Fitbit Charge 3 bands to buy.

How to adjust band on Fitlittle bit Ionic

The Fitlittle bit Ionic is perhaps the most basic tool to customise within the Fitlittle bit household, with its clip device helping you snap various bands right into area in simply a couple of secs. It"s easier than the Versa 2, that"s for sure.

Switch bands on the Fitlittle bit Ionic

1. Turn the Fitlittle Ionic onto its front and locate the band latches – there"ll be one on each finish for you to unclip.

2. To release, press dvery own on the flat button on the strap on both sides. Sometimes you may have to wriggle it about, possibly lock properly right into the watch, before completely releasing it from the situation.

3. To attach a new band also, simply line it up with the latch on both sides and push in until you deserve to hear it snap into area.

Need some help finding more bands to pair with your device? Check out the optimal Fitlittle Ionic bands currently obtainable.

How to readjust band also on Fitbit Inspire HR


Changing the band on a Fitlittle bit Inspire or Inspire HR is actually exceptionally comparable to the device supplied on the Versa, with quick-release levers offered.

It"s not the easiest, and also can actually be challenging to lock into location, but you"ll acquire the hang of it.

Switch bands on Fitlittle bit Inspire

1. Turn the tracker onto its front and find the quick-release lever before – one will be on each side of the tracker.

2. If you desire to release that fifty percent of the band, push the lever before inward and also simultaneously pull the band also away from the tracker. Repeat on the various other side to finish up with a band-less tracker.

3. To attach a brand-new strap, line the pin up through the hole in the tracker opposite the quick-release lever.

4. Once it"s tucked in on one side, press the lever in and also do the very same in order to slide it right into the other.

5. With both sides placed, let go of the lever before and also provide the band a quick pull to encertain it"s all locked right into place – you must hear a snap on the second hole.

How to change band also on Fitlittle bit Alta

Whether you"re trying to readjust the band also on a Fitlittle bit Alta HR or the continual version, the process is simply the exact same.

And given that this is Fitbit"s sleekest and also many stylish tracker, with plenty of designer bands at your disposal, rotating bands is an essential skill for any type of owner.

Switch bands on Fitlittle bit Alta

1. Turn the tracker onto its front and find the 2 latches located wright here the band meets the module.

2. To release either side, press down on the level switch on the strap and also pull the band amethod from the watch.

3. Having issues? Push the band ago towards the structure and also try to lock it ago right into location and also rebegin the procedure.


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Once off, attach a new band by pushing it right into the empty latch – you must feel it slide and also click right into area without too a lot initiative.