How do you say Good Luck in German?

The the majority of common way to say Good Luck in Germale is “Viel Glück.” Instead of wishing someone great luck by saying “Viel Glück,” regularly it is also possible to simply say “Alles Gute,” which converts into all the best.

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How to say Good Luck in German! from Marcel Iseli on Vimeo.

Useful phrases that contain “Viel Glück”

Viel Glück für die Zukunft! (Good luck for the future!)

Viel Glück heute beim Wettkampf! (Good luck at today’s competition!)

Viel Glück, mein Freund! (Good luck, my friend!)

“Viel Glück”: Should I use the preplace füror beim

If you wish someone good luck and also also state the occasion for which you are doing this, you will certainly usually require among the two prepositions “bei/beim” or “für” to construct your expression.

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