Liking an additional user"s post on Tumblr publicly declares that you took pleasure in or agree through the article, or that its content resonated through you in some means. While all individual Tumblr articles display screen all of the users that have chosen it, the majority of Tumblr themes do not display a complete list of all the short articles an individual user has actually liked. If you want to see which write-ups another user has favored on Tumblr, you must use among numerous various other methods to view that information.

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Theme Layouts

Some individuals install themes that screen the many current write-ups they"ve liked in a widgain on their blogs" layouts. Depfinishing on the template the blog is using, this widget might display in the blog"s footer, header or sidebar and is publicly visible to all tourists. Generally, a user have the right to limit how many preferred short articles screen in the widgain, so that you"ll have the ability to check out only the last few write-ups the user has favored.

Shared Likes

All Tumblr individuals have the right to allow their major accounts to share a syndicated list of posts they"ve preferred from other individuals. To permit this function, you have to log into your Tumblr account, click the equipment icon in your dashboard, and also then click the "Dashboard" tab. Check package alongside "Share Posts I Like" and also click the "Save" button to make your changes live. You have the right to check out the liked posts of any type of Tumblr user through this function enabled by visiting the following URL, replacing "username" via the user"s Tumblr username:

Viewing Individual Article Notes

You have the right to view what individuals favored any type of Tumblr write-up by viewing its notes. To view the notes on a post in your dashboard, click the "Notes" link to display screen a scrolling pop-up box listing all the users that chosen, responded to or reblogged the write-up. Tumblr denotes individuals that liked a short article by listing "favored this" alongside the their usernames. You can also view who preferred an individual post by clicking the post"s permaconnect in the blog and also scrolling dvery own to the notes section.

Limitations and Considerations

Since you can prefer articles only via your major Tumblr account, the website does not enable the feature to share what write-ups you"ve preferred for second blogs. You deserve to make your chosen short articles exclusive by visiting your blog settings, selecting the "Dashboard" tab and unchecking package to share your liked articles. Click the "Save" switch to instantly disable the function. If a user has turned off sharing chosen posts, you"ll see a "Request Denied" error message web page when you visit the liked-short articles page for the user.

Many themes do not feature the alternative to display screen the user"s chosen write-ups. If so, and the user hasn"t enabled sharing preferred posts, you will not have the ability to watch what write-ups the user likes unless you notification the username in the notes of an individual short article.

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