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This routine for how to see your future in a mirror is simple to perform; the stakes are also reasonably low, which can make it an excellent option for beginners. (Think of it as a a lot, a lot much less dangerous variation of the Mirror Box.) I’ve seen it in a few locations online, consisting of on r/RitualisticReddit, r/ThreeKings,and on this Indonesian website.It’s inevitably an approach of scrying — although the fact that it additionally involves blood magic could be… troubling to some.

Scrying has actually a lengthy, long historyin an excellent deal of cultures; the function of it may vary — it might be used to see into the past, the present, or the future — yet it generally requires making use of a mirror or some various other reflective surface to call up visions or impressions that will reveal previously unwell-known information to those that perdevelop it. It’s not necessarily dangerous, although of course it can be.

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Blood magic, meanwhile, stays controversial in many kind of spellcasting areas. It is both pain and also life, although it’s additionally worth noting that blood magic is not necessarily blood sacrifice. If utilizing blood provides you feel icky, you might desire to skip this one — but if it doesn’t, you may proceed… through caution, of course.

Because, as always…

…Well, you already recognize what I’m around to say, don’t you?


One principal.


One candle.Matches or a lighter.Salt.A compass.A timemaintaining gadget.A quiet room.A little table (optional, but recommended).A towel or rag (optional, yet recommended).A pin or various other sharp object.


The Prelude:Begin at night.Turn off all of the lights in the building in which your quiet room is located, including those in the quiet room.Bring your gives to your favored room.If utilizing, set up the table. Then, position the 4 mirrors so that they stand upright on the tablepeak creating an enclosed square or rectangle. (If you have actually preferred not to use the table, set them up on the floor or an additional available surchallenge.) The mirrors need to challenge inward — that is, they have to be encountering each various other, through all of the reflective surfaces turned towards the inside of the square, fairly than external of it — and should be positioned such that they line up via the 4 cardinal directions (north, southern, eastern, and west). Use the compass to accomplish this setup.Place the timemaintaining gadget somewright here you deserve to see it.Keep an eye on the moment.Wait.The Key Event:When the timemaintaining gadget reads 12:46am — not a moment before — place the candle in the facility of the square of mirrors and also light it via the matches or lighter.Draw a line of salt around the square of mirrors.Prick your finger through the pin. Squeeze the tip of your finger until blood problems forth.Place one drop of blood on the tableoptimal at 3 of the 4 corners of mirror square, making sure to save it within the circle of salt, but alengthy the external edge of the mirror square. You might pick which corners you wish to anoint relying on what you hope to check out in your future (see: Further Notes).Stand or sit at the fourth corner of the mirror square — the one you determined to leave bloodless.Look inside the mirror square. Look previous the burning flame of the candle and also into the reflective surdeals with of the mirrors before you. Look closely. Look carefully. Be patient; you might have to wait. Over time, yet, you should notice something in the mirror that is… not necessarily your reflection.This is what you came right here for. Make note of what you watch.The Closing:When you look in the mirrors and view only yourself when more, extinguish the candle and rerelocate it from the facility of the mirror square.Tip the mirrors so that they are face dvery own on the tableheight.Scrub the blood from the tabletop. Use the cloth or rag for this function if you have actually preferred to incorporate it.Gently blow the salt amethod via your breath.Go earlier to your life. Whatever before you witnessed in the mirrors will eventually involved pass, although specifically when it will certainly take place may not yet be clear to you. Is that a good thing, or a negative on? Well… that really counts on what you observed, currently, doesn’t it?

Additional Notes:

This ritual might ONLY be performed if it is begun between 12:46am and 1:13am. If you have actually not controlled to light the candle, place the salt, and location the blood before 1:13am, execute not continue. You will certainly not suffer any ill effects; but, you will get no outcomes from the ritual.

Do NOT attempt to perform this routine in an outdoor location.

In the Main Event: Steps 4 and also 5, you may wish to consider the connotations of each cardinal direction as you select which corners to anoint and also which corner at which to stand also. In some belief units, these connotations may be as follows:

North: Earth; the body; stability; nourishment.East: Air; the intellect; communication; divination; movement; spirituality.South: Fire; inspiration; change; passion; strength; success; wellness.West: Water; emotion; love; healing; the spirit.

Choose your corners wisely.

You execute not have to dispose of the mirrors after completing the ritual; have to you select to hold onto them, however, you want to be careful with them from that suggest onward. It is NOT recommfinished that you usage them for any other games or rituals.

Concerning The Future:

The future isn’t necessarily fixed; but, as soon as you understand somepoint is coming, it deserve to be hard to avoid it.

Before you attempt this ritual, make certain — absolutely particular — that really desire to recognize what’s coming.

Because as soon as you recognize it… you can’t unlearn it.

How To See Your Future In A Mirror: FAQ.


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