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Depends on the book. A publisher/printer have the right to carry out whatever they desire to do.

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For example, Image reprints #1 worries to acquire civilization to look at series they missed the first time around: https://imagecomics.com/news/what-can-you-get-for-a-dollar-new-image-firsts

Those Image publications have a huge "photo firsts" logo design by the spine.



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If a book has even more than one printing, it should be straightforward to tell which one it is, although the strategy of identification might vary.



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Most new publications plainly state which printing the book is right wbelow the # of the worry is (roguy numerals for 90"s DC"s). In various other cases if this is not declared somewright here near the worry #, the last number on the smaller UCOMPUTER bar on the right will certainly tell you the printing of the book it is. For instance, I have a Batman Beyond Unlimited in my hand also which is a second print. The UCOMPUTER reads:

00112 which translates to:

Issue #001

Cover-1 If this was a variant of some type this number would be 2,3,4 etc.


The first printing reads as such:


Also, the 2nd print cover is red versus being white choose the 1st print. You would only understand this if you had/have seen the 1st print. Aget, the UCOMPUTER is the best/initially area to look on any kind of book past the date that all comics currently have actually a UCOMPUTER rather of maybe having actually some type of photo in the UCOMPUTER box, as opposed to the scanner bars.

In the past, when straight comics had actually some sort of picture/logo/creating in the box versus the newsstand also version which had actually the scanner bars, the indicia is the location to look. That is the legal jargon commonly on the same page as the title web page, wherever that is. This will certainly nearly constantly tell you the printing # somewright here at the bottom in bolder type.

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Anvarious other way publishers did it was by printing the covers as gold or silver ink rather of the continuous cover. This is what Marvel did in the 90"s.

Marvel currently often tends to print their 2nd/later on printings with a cover that is entirely different than the 1st print counterpart. It is commonly a splash web page from the inside of the comic that now becomes the cover. These aget will have actually the printing proclaimed in the UCOMPUTER and also in the indicia.