The block function is your first line of defense to remove things you do not want to check out on Tumblr, whether it"s ssuggest a blog posting unpleasant points in a tag you follow or somebody proactively stalking or harassing you. If you block one of your followers, the block feature functions as normal, yet the perboy you blocked is much more most likely to alert it.

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On Your Dashboard

Once you block a blog, you will never before view write-ups from that blog on your dashboard aacquire. This includes tag pages, search results, note pop-ups and any sort of notice, such as the one you get once somebody reblogs from you. If somebody else reblogs a write-up from somebody you"ve blocked, yet, you will still watch that short article -- both on your dashboard, if the perkid is somebody you adhered to, and also in tag pperiods and also search results.

On Her Dashboard

The just method for somebody you"ve blocked to check out your short articles is to go directly to your blog"s major page, considering that as soon as you"ve blocked her, your short articles will no longer present up all over on her dashboard, including on tag peras and search results. If somebody reblogs among your articles, yet, she"ll check out it simply fine. This implies it"s fairly easy for her to figure out that you"ve blocked her, because all she has to carry out is notice that your short articles present up on your blog"s major page however not on her dashboard and also put two and also two together.

In Messages

Somebody you"ve blocked have the right to still send you messeras, yet whether she"s adhering to you or not, you will certainly never before receive them, whether they"re asks, fan mail or post submissions. She will not obtain an error message stating you"ve blocked her, yet. There is just one exception to this. If you sfinish an ask or a fan mail message to somebody you"ve blocked, you will certainly receive any response she sends out as if you hadn"t blocked her, also though the block stays in area.

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On Following and Followers Lists

When you block among your followers (which Twitter additionally refers to as "ignoring"), you will no longer see her name on your followers list, although she will still count towards your followers total. On her end, you will certainly still show up on her list of blogs she is following; she will additionally see the genuine value for how lengthy earlier you posted, which provides her another means to number out that you"ve blocked her.

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